How should shorter men dress

A short man is always self conscious about his height and very often gets an inferiority complex especially when surrounded by men who are considerably taller than him. This topic deals with fashion tips for short men especially to help them give an appearance of being taller than they normally are. However, in addition to these tips, one should ensure they stand erect and not slouch or stoop as that decreases the height even more. If one moves around with confidence and with a good posture, the height is rarely noticed or even if it is, it is not a deal-breaker.


There are several style tips for short men and these are to invest in tailored clothing rather than in clothing they can get off the shelf. Incase they still want to buy ready made clothes, then it is better for them to choose those brands which normally cater to short statured men like those in Asia or Italy or Spain rather than brands which have decreased the proportions of larger sizes – the reason for not choosing the latter is that the decreased proportions of larger shirt sizes do not fit a short person well, as their proportions are different to standard proportions.


In the fashion tips for short men another useful tip is to choose collars which are narrow and point down rather than wide collars which point out, as these make the neck look thicker than it normally is.


A point collar is better than button down collars as the extra buttons add to visual cluttering. Also, when a shorter man wears a necktie, he should go in for a narrower knot as compared to a thicker knot. Ties with thin material are to be preferred rather than thick ones which bulk up. The knots which should be worn on neck ties are the Pratt-Selby knot or the four-in-hand type of knot.


One should wear vertically patterns as well as vertical stripes rather than horizontal stripes. The horizontal stripes make a person look stouter as well as shorter. At the same time stripes in varying colors and sizes keep the eye of the viewer on the chest of the person. Plain simple vertical stripes make the person look more elegant and taller.


One should keep their shirt as simple as possible without too many adornments, decorative stitching as well as monogramming done. Infact even a breast pocket is not needed and one should never put things into the breast pocket as it draws the attention of the viewer to it and again that makes the person seem even shorter than they are.


It is advisable to also tuck in the shirt rather than let it loose over the trousers. In the latter case, the person’s legs appear to be shorter than they normally are. If the shirt tails are too long, they again make the person seem to decrease the height of the man and billowing shirts around the midsection of the man almost seems to cut the body into half.

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