How Does It Feel To Live With Breast Implants

The majority of women have minor asymmetric breasts, wherein one breast is smaller than the other. However, many times the variation is too great that it is noticeable. Breasts are an aspect of focal importance in womanhood, and poor development can be highly distressing for the bearer.

The question of when to seek breast enhancement, also includes, why and for what purpose? Breast implantation, is indicated for enlarging small and asymmetric breasts or breast reconstruction after mastectomy or lumpectomy. It might also be used in conjunction with a breast uplift surgery, to improve breast contour.

A number of things has been tried and used for increasing the size of small breasts, including breast enhancement supplements like hormone pills and topical creams; or specialised bras. However, as per breast anatomy and predictable results, breast implants continue to be the most substantial option.

About Breast Implants

How women manage their life with breast implants is a constant question that goes on the back of everyone’s mind who is seeking it.

Breast implants is a prosthesis medical device, which is emplaced behind breast tissues, or muscles. The device is made of a shell based on medical grade silicone that devices mimic the shape of natural breasts; and the shell is filled with a gel substance, either of silicone or saline, that mimics the soft feel of breasts.

There are three major brands implants, that are trusted worldwide—

  • Allergan(Natrelle)
  • Mentor
  • Sientra

How Does The Implants Feel?

The implant does not feel heavy or discomforting, as long a good surgeon have been appointed. There might be minor palpable feeling to touch, with saline breast implants, but it does not cause any discomfort as such. The breast looks normal as well to feels normal to touch.

One needs to have mammograms and regular checkups, at least every 3-4months, to keep tract of capsular contracture, and the overall health of the breasts.

When You Need To Remove Or Change Implants

Breast augmentation for flat chest or asymmetric breasts is likely to be wanted for life. However, the breast implants must be changed after a certain period. Plastic surgeons consider breast explanation or changing after 7-10years. If there is capsular contracture, or any complications, then it is removed earlier.

Breast Implants Are Not Cosmetic Accessories To Look More Attractive

Contrary to popular belief, women usually do not consider breast augmentation only looks more attractive and neither do plastic surgeons usually encourage any fanciful wish list. Though it does happen that women seek this surgery, despite having fully developed breasts that is normal as per their height and body frame, and surgeons do comply with bizarre expectations of patients.

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