Hair Transplant— Why Surgeons Advice Younger Men Against It?

Being one of the most common condition in 80% of men and around 20 % of women. Hair transplantation is a potential solution to the issue of hair transplantation.  Hair transplant is an elective process and the patients should meet a number of conditions which should be noted before getting started.  Though for most patients, the basic guidelines are enough to determine the candidacy, but for the young male patients and female candidates, it is slightly complicated.

  • Sufficient amount of hair loss
  • Adequate donor hair supply to cover the future needs
  • Having a realistic expectation for better outcome from surgical hair restoration.
  • Explored medical therapy on the grounds of requirement and check on how effective can it get.  

Hair transplantation In Young Male Patients

In case of some young patients, a single hair transplant may be the right solution to combat their present and future balding process.

Young patients often wish to restore their hairline as they had it in their adolescence, which can give them back their earlier density.  But despite many urgent requests a patient below 25 is not advised to undergo the surgery and here are the reasons why:

The expectation may not be realistic and too high in respect of hairline positioning and density concerned.

The determinence of the donor area will not be stable in a younger patient and thus even if the  result  is just like as expected, but the result may not be stable.

The boundaries of the permanent zone is very difficult to understand when the patient is young

The baldness is likely to become more exclusive if the hair loss begins earlier in age.

A more matured patient will understand the way his hair should be worn in future after any form of hair transplant surgery like FUT or FUE hair transplant to cover up donor scarring.

Early Balding Is A Sign Of The Extensive Balding

The younger someone loses the hair density, the greater will be the chance of the facing extensive amount of baldness early. Though a young patient will be tempted to fill the receding hairline or temple are at the earliest, doesn’t know that these will be the first areas to lose patterned hair loss in the near future.

Because a low transplanted hairline to extensively bald scalp top of the scalp is not something which is not aesthetically pleasing look.  Just like that the newly transplanted hair in the temple area can stand sharp contrast worth an extensively bald scalp. Preserving the existing hair through the medical therapy of Minocodil (Rogaine) and Finasteride (Propecia for a reasonable course until the hairline is not mature).

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