Hair Transplant Procedure Steps of FUT and FUE

It is amazing that how hair restoration can be a permanent solution to baldness. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, under local anaesthesia, that’s minimal invasive and patients recover within a week.

The surgery is performed with either of two methods — Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUT strip procedure removes a strip of skin from the back of the scalp, while in FUE individual hair grafts are plucked one by one. The steps of the procedure are stated in detail.

The Procedure

The surgery usually takes place in the morning at a hair transplant clinic. Independent surgeons might hold the surgery from midday to early evening. The patient arrives at the clinic or surgeon’s office and has to sign a sheet of paper that confirms their agreeable to the surgery at their own will, and that they understand that the results may vary from the hair restoration before after images.

  • FUT step by step

Step 1—               A portion of the back of the scalp is shaved, which is deemed as the donor zone by the surgeon.

Step 2—               Local anaesthetic with epinephrine is injected via a fine needle, that doesn’t hurt too much. The local anaesthetic numbs the treatable area, while the epinephrine causes blood vessels to shrink and stiffen, minimising blood loss.

Step 3—               A fine thin line is incised with a scalpel. And donor tissue is removed containing numerous hair follicles.

Step 4—               The donor tissue is stored in a holding solution, that mimics bodily fluids and keeps the hairs from dying.

Step 5—               Donor area is closed and sutured using stainless steel staples or dissolvable sutures.  A fine linear scar will remain in its place.

Step 6—               The donor tissue is dissected microscopically according to the naturally occurring 2-5hair follicular units, making individual hair grafts.

  • FUE Step by Step

Step 1—               The entire back of the scalp is shaved as the donor zone is bigger than FUT strip procedure.

Step 2—               Local anaesthetic mixed with epinephrine is injected to the donor zone (same as FUT)

Step 3—               A sharp or blunt micro punch is inserted around each hair follicular unit under keen magnified vision by the surgeon. The hair is cored using a forceps or other gadget.  Pinprick scars remain in its place that gradually fades off within days.

Inserting the Grafts

Inserting the grafts is same with FUT or FUE. The surgeon makes a tiny slit and thrusts the hair grafts into the dents. The scalp dermis absorbs the hair in a couple of days.

Shock Loss After Hair Transplant

Many times, the transplanted hairs fall off soon after the surgery, because of surgical trauma, much to the patient’s dismay. However, usually, despite the hairs fall off, the hair follicles remain intact. With a little time and patient, the coveted hair growth takes place eventually. It takes up to a year for the hair grafts to grow and resume full density.

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