Hair Transplant Myths: Debunked

Some ideas that are believed by many, but are straight away incorrect.

Myth 1: An experienced, expert surgeon can say if patients have enough donor follicles by just taking a single look at the scalp.

Fact: there is an instrument named as Densitometer, which helps to measure the density of hair accurately. An experienced surgeon runs their hand through the patient’s hair to measure laxity (follicles to be used in the transplantation) of the scalp, but not density.

Myth 2:  Often seen that if the patient is afraid of going for a full-fledged hair transplantation surgery, he/ she is advised to try a proxy procedure on smaller portion.

Fact: this cannot be true as hair transplant surgery cannot have minor versions of it and renders permanent results. There is nothing in between and the patient can either go for it or not. The patient should have widespread knowledge about the procedure conducted  and should be processed systematically along with waiting for the required period, at least till the time when you are confident enough about the same.

Myth 3: The blood circulation and blood supply gets stifled with large scale transplantation.

Fact: The scalp includes collateralized blood circulation of the scalp which can help sustain the healthy growth of newly transplanted hair. Very close pattern of the larger grafts may affect the blood circulation. This usually happens due to the low skill rate of the surgeon involved.

There can be varied reasons for which there may be a hair fall in the future. It is normal to happen if the permanence of the donor reserve is not determined properly from earlier.

Myth 4: If done at a younger age, the hair transplantation exhibits a better result.

Fact: It is actually the opposite case as the hair transplant procedure is more successful on aging ones rather than those who are younger.  The hair loss pattern is unpredictable when you are young and difficult to assume that what is the extent that it may fall on the future. Even if the transplantation process is undertaken, but the permanence of the donor reserve may not be predicted properly at an early age.

Myth 5: Early transplantation is a great idea

Fact: All of the hair doesn’t go at once. As it is a gradual process, hair loss takes time. The reason and nature of hair loss cannot be determined from about a year back. The early hair transplantation is often a prematurely done procedure which turns out to be a failure if done too early. Infect the procedure can also turn the things around and aggravate the process of hair loss.

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