Hair Styling Tips For Men With Thick Hair

Thin hair might be common among men, but there is still a good number of the men who have very thick manes. The thick hair brings about coarse texture and fuzzy curls among other thick hair related issues. Fortunately, just like any other hair type, thick hair can be managed and styled appropriately. A few helpful tips can keep you in control of your thick hair, thus ensuring that your appearance remains beautiful.

1. Keep the hair well moisturized to eliminate the dull brittle look. Usually it is hard for scalp oil to reach the hair end because of the texture of the hair and this unfortunately leads to split ends and dryness. To keep such problems at bay, products that moisturize the hair should be used. Avocado is one of the best ingredients you can have in your conditioner or shampoo because it has protein, folate, Vitamins A, C and B6 which all together keep your mane hydrated. The ingredient is also great for strength because of its fatty acids. It is usually okay for men to shampoo weekly, but thick haired men should make a habit of conditioning daily.

2. Try adding definition to the hair and try thinning. You can use thinning shears to achieve a dramatic short cut. The shears are good because they remove weight, but maintain hair length. To add definition you can use a styling wax for texture and to tame the thick unmanageable hair. The wax will keep the hair in place; hence the bulky look will be eliminated.

3. Try a buzz cut which keeps the hair shaved close to control thickness and it is actually a timeless style that remains fashionable. The hair might still require frequent trimming, but the simple style adds appeal. The buzz is most suitable for men who have oval or long faces and it can even work for those with bigger heads because it has a way of making them appear more proportional. Men with square jaws should, however keep off the style. There are so many variations you can choose from to achieve a great look and keep thick hair manageable.

4. Ignore the blow dryer if you have thick hair. This is because blow drying the hair will actually end up giving it undesired volume. It is better that you leave the hair to air dry and you should avoid towel drying that encourages frizz and go for a cotton pillowcase or T-shirt instead to dry the hair. To manage damp hair, consider styling products that offer light hold and will protect against frizzing. If you must blow dry, then keep the settings on cool.

5. Thick hair offers a chance to enjoy long styles and depending on the texture of the hair you can layer, comb it out or feather it to your preferences. Consider long styles and you can use a styling spray to achieve more height and definition, especially before you blow dry the hair.

Machohairstyles are highly recommended because you will definitely find an appropriate style for your type of hair and the natural facial features you have.

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