Hair Restoration A Boon Of Science

Hairs have always been a hot topic in terms of style and fashion. If you have healthy hairs you can style them the way that is in the fashion. For women, having long and bouncy hair is a blessing while for, men tamable hairs are the best. Whatever style you want to follow, having a healthy hair coat is a must.

In the lifestyle that we follow, we get very little time to take care of our hair. The high levels of stress & pollution make our hair dull & lifeless. Excessive exposure to chemical products has affected our hair health. Out of 100, 60 people are suffering from the problem of hair loss. No matter what is the reason behind your hair loss, if you are losing your hair untimely, you should better start taking preventive steps against hair loss.

Hair loss & its treatments:

Hair loss is a problem that not only affects you physically but also disturbs your mental health. You may not walk with the same confidence with a thinner hair scalp. Treating your hair loss at the right time is very important. There are two ways for hair loss treatment:

  1. Home remedies

  2. Professional hair restoration

Home remedies: As Grand ma has remedies to every problem in her satchel there are a few for hair loss treatments also. These home remedies may prevent you from prospective hair loss and treatment against the loss occurred. Here are a few home remedies you for your help:

  • The first and foremost step towards hair loss prevention is having a nutritious and balanced diet. Add green vegetables and fruits in your diet.

  • Eat citrus fruit like Indian gooseberry and lemon. Vitamin C plays a vital role in strengthening your hair.

  • Add proteins in your diet, they promote hair follicle regeneration.

  • Oiling is also a must do for better hair growth. It promotes blood flow in hair follicles and in the scalp.

  • Massaging your hair with onion juice may also help as onion juice is rich in sulfur content.

Professional hair restoration:

If all the above remedies don’t help and you face a serious issue of hair loss, it will be better if you go for professional hair restoration. Hair restoration is a process of transplanting hairs from a hair site to the other bald scalp by a medical professional. This process has become famous lately as increasing rate of hair loss has become common in young people.

It involves a surgical process, where the medical team either plucks out the hair strands individually or takes out a patch of skin with strands and places it to the bald area of your scalp. The singular strand restoration is called follicular unit extraction (FUE) whereas the patch method is known as strip harvesting.

With the latest techniques of medical science hair restoration has become very easy and effective. If you have a hair loss issue which cannot be resolved by home remedies, please contact a professional hair restoration expert.

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