Hair Loss: The Sheer Psychological Side

Given the choice no one would like to lose their hair, as it is one of the crucial aspect determining their look, sometimes both in men and women.

It is seen and believed that throughout in the course of history, the attitude towards baldness have been overtly negative and is a highly stressful condition among both the genders, but substantially women, mainly living in such a culture, where the significance of good health and beauty being great hair, is extremely difficult.

Certain amount of hair fall is absolutely normal for all. A range between 50-100 hair strands a day is considered as normal, but if it goes beyond that, it may be a matter of concern. The worst part of this is that hair loss is not just a part of physical change, but also has a great psychological impact.

Hair loss causes anxiety, withdrawal, broken confidence and immense depression. Research shows that there are several common reactions to the hair loss both in men and women, which includes as the things below:


  • Denial- Losing hair is a big deal for many, as once upon a time this was considered as a sole sign of manliness and strength in many cultures. Often in order to hide their extent of hair loss and not coming to terms with their hair loss may lead to poor treatment choices.
  • Panic- hair loss can give rise to masculinity issues among many men and can even cause drastic change in one’s appearance resulting in much worry.
  • Fixation – This goes hand in hand with the feeling of desperation and in men suffering from hair loss in several areas of their head can only focus on a single area known as monk’s spot. This issue of fixation on a single area can result in the failure to the entire hair loss holistically.
  • Shame- there may be many instances where they may be taunted or teased by his friends and relatives and colleagues leading to humiliation. If you can digest it, then all is well, but it leads to be perceived as vanity can result in severe teasing.
  • Desperation- hair loss in men and women even lead to desperation and impulsive along with many unwise choices in life.
  • Jealousy- Men experiencing more hair loss may be jealous of their relatives and friends who have a head full of hair.
  • Isolation – Hair loss in men is more common as compared to the women, but it is reported that more men end up feeling lonely and isolated during this experience. Usually there are not open to their feelings which are perceived as a sign of weakness and “unmanly ness” in some.

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