Hair Loss Prevention Measures

Unexplained hair loss and hair thinning can give you more level of stress and sleepless nights depending upon the cause. It is okay to lose 50-100 strands of hair each day, but if the count increases, it may be a matter of concern and consulting a professional may help.

If you have baldness in your genes, you cannot possibly stop baldness from entering your life. There are only a few lucky men who are immune to some amount of hair miniaturization.  Though it is more than normal for guys to face some kind of hair loss issues in the near future. But it can be prevented with supplements, medication, treatments and proper diet.

The process of hair loss can be slowed down, but not the once deal follicles cannot be restored back. And the other alternative like to maintain a balanced diet and exercise can only work for a certain time and extent.

What exactly works and what doesn’t?

Though hair loss is a tricky question, there are a number of patterns of hair loss and symptoms, which doesn’t work with all of this. But there is certainly something for everyone when it comes to androgenic alopecia in a typical way.

Though the basic form of Male pattern baldness is known as androgenic alopecia, while the female pattern hair loss is known as androgenetic alopecia.

There are many forms of variations in the form of baldness and hair loss, which includes  non pattern syndrome like Trichotillomania, alopecia aerate, traction alopecia and chemotherapy, etc. Some temporary causes can be long term illness, poor diet and powerful drug dosage, irregular lifestyle can lead to acute hair loss.

The male pattern hair loss has a typical 7 stage cycle, which starts from the time when you  don’t yet have a problem of hair loss but may get it.  But leading an active life with a healthy diet and regular exercise along with limited alcohol consumption, cigarettes can trigger the genetically inherited condition of hair loss and speed up the problem.

A Hair transplant or Hair restoration cost London is not cheap and easy in any way.  Though it is slightly expensive, but a one time investment which around 95% predictability rate in the hands of a good surgeon, along with the sustained rate of the patients.

Prevention is better than cure

You need to prevent hair loss is possible before the hair begins to thin out, with a practical and sensible hair care routine. The truth is that preventing hair loss in the first place is a simpler process than what treating the hair loss is. If things go well, you can be blessed with a bountiful head of healthy hair and your looks.

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