Hair Loss Or Hair Fall: How To Treat Both

Simple Step to Understand Whether You Are Suffering From Hair Loss Or Hair Fall

Having a close look at the strand of hair, can help you see which your condition is. Hairs which have suffered breakage would be shorter and cannot have the root. But the hairs which have been lost through a natural process will have their roots attached.

How To Prevent Both –

  1. 3 Ways To Treat Them
  • Trimming your hair from time to time can help you maintain a better quality of hair, which can travel through the hair shaft and can prevent the splitting the end of your hair.
  • Moisturizing your hair from time to time is a necessary step, which helps you achieve a better quality of hair.
  • Deep conditioning for atleast once a month is highly required. This treatment procedure can help you soothe the texture of your hair.
  1. Salon Treatment At Home

Here is how to bring your salon at home with 5 simple steps: Massaging, steaming, washing, conditioning and applying a suitable hair mask.  

  • Massaging With Oil

Proper blood circulation in every part of our body is extremely important, and our scalp is no exceptions. Massing the head with oil can help you to allow your roots to breathe and give rise to beautiful tresses. More regular massages mean better quality of hair.

  • Steaming Your Oiled Hair

Steaming your hair with heat can certainly help you  to clear your dirt filled oily hair, and can help you retain back the shine and softness in the texture of the hair, shampooing and conditioning after which can help you to hold the nutrition  and health of your hair.

  • Washing With  Suitable Shampoo

Washing your hair is not just clearing the dirt and oil from your hair, it means offering your hair a chance to breathe and become healthy.

  • Applying A Suitable Conditioner

In today’s modern circumstances when oiling may not be everyone’s cup of tea, conditioner may be of great help. It not only helps to provide the necessary nutrients to the hair, but also starts functioning right from the roots and the scalp, allowing the emergence of healthy hair.

  • Applying A Suitable Hair Mask

Hair mask is the final step towards nourishing your hair in the best possible way. Usually the mask is meant to enhance the quality and volume of hair. Depending upon the condition of your hair, the hair mask is applied, which shall suit your condition.

Dry hair, damaged hair, intense care, brittle hair, oily hair, etc. all have a different type of masks being prepared to help you with the condition.

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