Gynecomastia: Solution And Syptoms

Often did we not notice, but choose to overlook confidently the condition of Gynecomastia in many men. It is nothing but an abnormal growth of glandular breasts filled with fatty breast tissues, occurring in a few men. It may be either temporary or a permanent thing. Man boobs is a problem, for which cosmetic surgery is often the most chosen respite that they lean on to.   

This pathological condition occurs mainly due to the unwanted involuntary development of the breasts, either with fatty breast tissues or glandular presence due to an increased level of estrogen, that is actually a female hormone or the outgrowth of which may lead to excess testosterone levels in male, resulting in the development of the breasts.

It can definitely cause emotional inferiority complex and exceed the self-consciousness in men, which is apparently not a very good deed. This condition is totally treatable with the means of VASER Liposuction and gynecomastia surgery.


Real Cause of Gynecomastia

Though a vulnerable stage it may or may not be temporary, depending on the hormone levels. As the hormones keep fluctuating at the age ranging from 15-19, the testosterone levels are exceedingly high in this phase and strong enough to allow the growth of breast tissue forming breasts. Sometimes this condition resolves as the boy gets older as the hormones stabilizes, though overweight may ruin the idea of stabilization.

Finding Solution

Though harmless in every aspect this is usually a thing which plays with the man’s emotional side, but can also be sorted out with the proper exercising regime. The cosmetic surgery is the ideal step towards treating this condition as the presence of any glandular tissue is removed, with an open dissection, allowing a flat chest on achieving success.

VASER Hi-Def liposuction technique is also another  devise which are chosen by many to acquire a toned muscle definition in particular areas of the body, supposedly displaying a six pack abs in the abdomen region, in both men and women.  The design is carved with micro probes allowing superficial groves in a selective manner, adding masculine dimension to the chest of the candidate. 


Only after conducting a thorough consultation on the patient’s case, the ideal candidacy is determined. Things like the medical history, lifestyle habits, chest X-ray is kept in mind. The candidate is explained the actual condition which he is having and the procedure in a virtual manner with gynecomastia and relative therapeutics involved to allow him with the final choice in an independent basis. 

While treating the condition of Gynecomastia, the medicinal supplements are helpful in the initial level, but the cosmetic surgery may be the ultimate chosen solution to achieve the desirable. Exercise and diet have been just an option, but everything depends on what extent the candidate is willing to go.

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