Gynecomastia And Male Breasts— About the Problem And Male Breast Reduction Options

Male breast reduction surgery is performed at Harley Body Clinic under board certified plastic surgeons, with VASER Lipo and Smart Lipo procedures.

About Gynecomastia and Male Breasts

The appearance of a protruded chest that looks like breasts might occur due to presence of breast glands because of a hormonal disorder; or it might be excess growth of breast tissues and fat caused by aging, or obesity.

The development of breast glands in males occurs due to hormonal fluctuations, most commonly during puberty. Glandular breasts or breast tissues or both occur due to the excess activity and elevation of female primary hormones compared to male primary hormones in the male body.

Gynecomastia usually occurs in pubescent boys owing to pubertal hormone fluctuations, however, as a medical diagnosis, the term is exclusively considered for the presence of lymphatic nodes. If there is no glandular presence, then it is often described as pseudo-gynecomastia, which is not really a medical term, but is popularly used to describe the actual condition.

Treatmetn Options for Male Breast Reduction

The problem usually resolve on its own, but in less common cases of persistent gynecomastia medical treatment is required to resolve it.  The only viable treatment is lipoplasty that manually removes the breast gland, tissues and fat to achieve a flat chest.

For gland removal, lipoplasty with skin excision is performed. In this, the patient has a open dissection of the chest tissue, to access the breast gland, which is removed from the roots with scalpels and forceps. Then surrounding soft tissues and fat is removed with liposuction. If there is no presence of breast glands then no dissection is required.

VASER Hi Def And 4D

VASER, which stands for Vibration Amplication of Sound Energy at Resonance, is the first to develop ultrasound lipo, which is the most trusted technique of lipoplasty for male breast reduction. Ultrasound energy is introduced via the Vaser microcannulas that create warmth and vibration underneath the skin and between the fat layers gradually melting thick fibrous fatty tissues in lesser time than the manual process.

VASER introduces a sophisticated technology for men that offers body sculpting and six pack creation with natural looking results. The system not only removes male breasts permanently, but also defines the entire torso region with a natural looking musculature, notably, six pack abs.

Results And Quality of Life

The results are instantaneous wherein the patient gets a flat chest, and loss of the palpable chest. However, there will be swelling after surgery, which is absolutely normal and inevitable. It takes varying time for each patient for the swelling to subside. Once the swelling has subsided, the chest looks flat, as normal with unremarkable scars or surgical signs.

In case body sculpture have been performed, it takes up to 4months for the actual six packs to appear. But this is artificial definition that may distort with lack of adequate dieting and exercising.

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