Go natural with natural hair colour and henna cones

Many people use a variety of hair colours to achieve new attractive look or to cover their grey hair and often end up damaging their hair and scalp. These traditional hair colour and dyes contain harmful and synthetic chemicals which have a variety of harmful effects on hair and skin respectively. The ammonia, peroxide, resorcinol, PPD and other harmful additives used in these hair colours and dyes are hazardous and result in allergic reactions, respiratory disorders and have also been linked to cancers. Natural hair colours and dyes are the best alternatives to these traditional hair colours.

Like their name suggests these natural hair colours are 100% natural and are made using edible ingredients and herbs. Unlike traditional hair colour, these do not contain any harsh chemical and harmful additives, resulting in being a safer and natural alternative to colour your hair. Most of these natural hair colour and dyes work progressively and give the desired colour when being used more than once. If used repetitively, these can give the results of a traditional hair colour without damaging your hair and scalp.

There are a variety of natural hair colours available in the market today. In addition to this, you also have various options to mix them in different proportions to get desired colour and shade. You can also use these colours with walnuts, coffee, lemons, black tea, etc to differ the final result. So, it turns out that you can use many natural ingredients, most of which are easily available in your kitchen to create new hair colour. The only thing which matters is what colour you are looking for, how intense you want it to be and for how much long you wish it to be?

Today, along with natural hair colour and dyes, one can easily find natural bridal henna tattoo cones too. These bridal henna cones consist of natural ingredients and are skin-friendly resulting to no adverse effects such as itching, rashes, etc. Made from natural henna, Nilgiri oil, and other natural ingredients, these cones are easy to apply and give dark natural colour to the applied tattoo. Best for marriage ceremonies, bridal makeup and parties, these bridal henna cones are a perfect way to get ready quickly and decorate your body parts with henna tattoos.

So, with the extensive range of natural hair colour and bridal henna cones you have the full freedom to try different hair styles and hair colour and design and flaunt your henna tattoos. Leaving behind all the worries and hazardous risks, tend to choose natural hair care products over the traditional harmful products.              

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