Get Rid Of That Unwanted Hair Permanently

Laser hair removal is a very popular method to get that smooth and supple skin. Not only women but men are also going for hair removal in a big way. For men mostly the areas where they opt for hair removal are nape of the neck, chest, back and also it is used for beard shaping. Women opt for whole body hair removal and if women are opting for selective hair removal then the most popular body regions are the armpits, bikini areas, upper lip and chin.

Laser hair removal is a simple and straight treatment which with the use of lasers targets the roots of hair. The roots of the hair are underneath the skin’s surface. The laser companies and service providers guarantee it to be permanent but not necessarily.

There are many types of lasers available in the hair removal or hair reduction market. These may be specific or general in their efficacy based on the skin tones, hair colour and treatment areas. The benefit of laser hair removal is that it can be performed on any part of the body.

One of the best laser hair removal technologies is the Candela GentleYAG® laser system. The LASER HAIR REMOVAL function of Candela GentleYAG laser is very useful in eliminating the need for shaving of hair, plucking of facial hair or full body waxing forever. These traditional hair removal techniques mentioned earlier including depilatory creams can only provide a user with temporary relief. Renowned aesthetic clinics for laser hair removal in Malaysia will offer hair removal services with Candela Gentle Yag laser. A majority of clients have experienced permanent removal of hair post a series of sittings or treatment.

Did you know that before the laser technology for hair removal was discovered, the only proved way for permanent hair reduction was with a process called electrolysis? This electrolysis was tedious and took very long consuming lot of time and also very uncomfortable.

This Candela GentleYAG system can in a safe and effective way remove all unwanted body hair as per the need of the client. It also works on all types of skin causing no damage to the delicate pores on the skin and other layers of the skin and its structure.

The GentleYAG System has a variable pulse high-energy laser which is ND: YAG 1064 laser. This system throws a gentle beam of laser light, which through the skin passes to the hair follicle. It is absorbed by this hair follicle, the laser energy gets converted to heat here. This heat produced by the laser beam destroys the target hair follicle. It is very safe and does no damage to the surrounding skin. This system has a cooling technology which is the patented Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD). This works simultaneously as the laser beam penetrates the skin to damage the hair follicle. Thus it protects the skin without the use of messy gels. Not compromising on the result of the laser, this feature provides comfort and safety to the skin.

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