Get a better body through body contouring at Tan LA

If you live in the Los Angeles area, there is one name you have heard more than once when it comes to beauty treatments and that is Tan LA. This premier tanning salon is one that everyone goes to when they want the best tan, the best sunless tan, body contouring, red light treatments, facial rejuvenation, blue light acne treatments, anti-aging skin care and more. If you haven’t been to Tan LA, you haven’t experienced what a true tanning salon should be.

Their tanning beds are modeled after the European beds that do amazing things for your skin with no burn UVA light from the Sun Italia Magic 636 and the KBL 6800 both of which provide the best in natural tanning without the burn afterward. Their sunless tanning spray tans are stellar and include their new heated Mystic HD, and the very best organic airbrush tanning experience. They custom mix the color to match your skin type and take you to the level of bronze that you’ve always wanted without going into the orange tint that so many spray tans tend to bring out.

Tan LA’s skin treatments like the red and blue light treatments for anti-aging and acne respectively are pure light therapies that help reduce find lines and wrinkles or that clear up acne for adult faces. Their Omnilux Facial Treatment uses the red light and helps with stimulating deep skin tissue. This leads to softer skin and fewer wrinkles.

The infrared body wraps at Tan LA are from Formostar and they help you lose inches as they activate enzymes and naturally reduce fat without surgery. This innovative treatment helps manage physical pain, and tones muscle while it smooths skin and leaves cellulite in the dust. With all this beauty to deal out across the floor, you’d think this would be enough, but not Tan LA.

The other big treatment in their arsenal is the contour light body sculpting which allows patients to lose fat at the speed of light. This unique treatment uses LED light to stimulate fat cells to release energy and they collapse as they release energy. The released energy can be metabolized back out through the liver and lymphatic system, although exercise is highly recommended to encourage these cells to be “burned” and moved out of the body for good. This safe and painless procedure is noninvasive and only takes about 20 minutes.

Tan LA has the body contouring Camarillo residents have been talking about consistently and is part of why Tan LA was voted best tanning salon. Going for this innovative treatment is stepping out your comfort zone for most people, but it is possible to get things done with Tan LA. They pay attention to detail and get things handled with body contouring Thousand Oakes residents love.

With all these services, it is no wonder that they have been voted the best LA tanning salon. And the staff couldn’t be better, as well. Everyone is dedicated to helping clients in their chosen treatment without stress and making it as efficient as possible. You can relax with Tan LA and get a better body through body contouring Thousand Oaks.

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