Fibrocell-Root Cell Treatment

As we get older the collagen in the skin, the number of elastin and fibroblasts are reduced. Fibroblasts are adult stem cells of skin. Reduction of the amount and productivity of fibroblasts in skin may cause reduced productivity and thinning in support tissues. Hence water holding capacity of skin moisture decreases, begins to dry. Balance of producing color pigments in the skin are destroyed. Therefore, resistance is reduced to skin damage, and symptoms of aging begin to manifest themselves on the skin. The sagging and wrinkles in the skin turn into stable is also a result of all of this process. Developing technology with over time, it opened the door to renewal our own stem cell with our own tissue. Through this technology, is able to produce the millions of healthy young stem cells from 3-4 mm piece of skin that taken from an area that is less exposure to sunlight, such as the back ear.

What is Fibrocell?

Fibrocell is acellular treatment autologous fibroblasts.

What is the advantages of Fibrocell?

The stem cells to be produced is completely obtained from their tissue and serum so that it is minimal risk of allergies. The produced stem cells are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. Created well-being of stem cells in tissue obtained by Fibrocell has been observed in clinical trials continued for 4.5 years.

Fibrocell is used in which situation?

Can be used to slow the aging process of the skin, in the revision of the non-healing tissue, the situation such as acne or burns.

How to be produced Fibrocell?

Received a piece of tissue 3-4 mm from behind the ears is sent to a fully equipped laboratory, under aseptic conditions. Stem cell production takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks. At the end of this process millions of young and healthy stem cells that will be injected 3 times with 15 days will be produced.

How to apply Fibrocell?

Stem cells are produced in the laboratory and become available to the intended implementation area and it is injected with a thin and small needle. Using local anesthetic cream before injection helps the process painless.

When Fibrocel effect begin and finish?

Starting from the first injection of stem cells and continues to increase over time. Therefore, to reach the collagen in our reserves in previous years and a certain time allows us to stay in that reserve.

Today, the treatment of cellulite seen in 85% of women in various degrees also benefit from mesotherapy. Mesotherapy, correcting my microcirculation prevents edema formation in tissue, crunch the fat and provides reduction of fat nodules. It may improve the appearance of cellulite in the connective tissue restructuring impaired.

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