Few Important Curriculum of Advanced Beauty Courses

The field of beauty and cosmetology is flourishing, day by day, by creating a lot of opportunities for the students, who has a deep interest in this field. By undertaking the Course, you would be able to increase your knowledge about the basic as well as the advanced form of dealing hair, skin and makeup.

Some of the contents of this course, which can actually be beneficial for the students are:-

  • Theory of Massage
  • Hair Sectioning
  • Roller Setting
  • Different Types of Eye Makeup

Theory of Massage:

The first thing, which a student should learn about message is, acquiring the theory. As without knowing the proper theory, mere rubbing would remain as an option to the students. For this, learning the structure of human body is a must thing, and also to learn the effects of their movements on the human body. Thus, an Advanced Beauty Course, is there to teach the students about the scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the human body.

The main thing, in the massage therapy is to have a proper knowledge about, the exact time of applying varieties of movements, for the benefit of the client. A hot, dry skin can be cooled and made moist by gentle massage.

Hair Sectioning:

Sectioning of hair is a hair dressing technique which is utilized to make a few partitions of hair, in order to prepare it for hair coloring, perm application, or any kind of special hair styling. If you are planning to dye the hair of your client, then there is a necessity of you to follow the procedure of hair sectioning.

In this course, the students are taught to learn the art of hair sectioning in a way that, the properly sectioned hair will protect the eyes from coming in contact with the harsh chemicals used in the dying procedure.

Roller Setting:

Hair styling is the finishing touch to your crown, which can provide you with a completely new look. You can actually enhance the beauty of yours by creating some soft curls, in order to get away from that monotonous and usual look of yours.

The students, who belong to the course of advanced beauty, are taught by the faculty, about some valuable tips of roller setting, which would give satisfactions to their clients.

  • The key of learning the secret of roller setting is to develop a proper idea about the right placement of roller and clips.
  • Your client would not be able to get a positive result, if it dries up, at the time of setting. So, if this happens, the students need to use a spray bottle, for making the hair moist.

Different Types of Eye Makeup:

Eyes are the most beautiful part of a human body, thus when it comes to go for an Eye makeup, people are more prone to flaunt their inner beauty, with the help of beautiful eyes.

The students of Advanced Beauty Courses, are taught by the faculty to decide about providing their clients with the exact color of eye-shadow or mascara, which would reflect their personality very well, and also enhance their beauty. Eye makeups are done basically by depending upon the shape of the eyes of different clients. So, the students also need to grow their knowledge about this.

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