Factors That Make Hair Transplantation A Success

Not all of us are blessed with a bountiful head of hair, leading many to choose the option of hair transplantation in the coming years. The old methods of hair transplant are punch grafting or strip techniques, which were used earlier but consisted of many troubles. There are many medical issues and troubles related to the potential side effects of these methods, which lead to an altogether a different host of problems.

In the present situation, the hair transplantation method is a reliable surgical mode to regain the lost density of hair both for men and women.  With more and more discoveries of medical science, there have evolved many established hair extraction methods like FUT and FUE.

Hair restoration and hair transplantation are among the most popular and desired form of cosmetic surgery among many. The sole reason behind the craze is the realistic and lasting result that it ensures.

Hair Growth

The hairs come out from a follicle embedded in the skin and are composed of numerous single shafts.  The natural hair growth cycle goes like this. It grows, rests for some time, falls out and grows again.

Male Pattern Baldness

Usually starting from a receding hairline and becoming an M shape in the front, the male pattern baldness commonly occurs due to the genetic predisposition and hormonal changes. Eventually, though the hair becomes thinner, shorter and finer forming a U shape in the front.

Female Pattern Baldness

The hair starts thinning mainly of the crown and frontal area. The sole reason for the same are  aging, pregnancy, menopause, other hormonal changes, to name a few.

Factors of an ideal candidate

Donor Dominance- Also referred as auto grafting from donor dominance we understand the original characteristics of the hair like growth rate texture, etc. which helps to get the idea whether it has new site independence or is matching the qualities of the recipient zone.

Donor Density- Donor density plays a crucial role in the process of hair transplant. The patient consisting of a good density in the donor area shall have sufficient hairs in the recipient area too.

Scalp Laxity: The scalp laxity tissues of the scalp stretch are determined by the tension placed on them. A person with good scalp laxity shall recover faster from the hair transplant surgery, which is why it’s an important point and needed to be kept in mind.

Follicular Grafting

The follicular units are spread throughout the scalp and commonly occurs in group of tight bunches of 1-4 hairs. The highest concentration of FUT is located around the side of the scalp which is also the most sorted donor zones for maximum candidates.

A piece of this living tissue, consisting of a follicle is grafted on the recipient zone, filling out consistently through the hands of an expert surgeon.

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