Facial kit to get the perfect glowing skin

 Facial plays a vital role in skin care regime. Face massage helps in reducing age wrinkles, blood circulation, and skin elasticity, skin moisturising and maintaining the skin glow. Facial massage helps in getting rid of pimples, black heads and white heads on nose, cheeks and on other skin parts.

O3+ is one of the most known brands in the beauty segment. It is mainly into skin care and beauty care products like 03+ face wash, cleanser, face cream for men, face pack, facial kit, scrub, hair serum, night cream, anti aging o3+ cream, body lotion etc.

O3+ brightening and whitening face wash – In today’s world, everybody has a hectic and busy life and hence has to deal with pollution and dirt which affects your skin directly or indirectly. Appropriate skin care regime is must to make your skin look healthy, shinny and beautiful. O3+ brightening and whitening face wash helps in removing all the dirt and other impurities and increase the fairness of your skin. O3+ brightening and whitening face wash is enriched with aloe vera and cucumber extracts, which brightens the skin and decrease the dullness. For best results apply O3+ brightening and whitening face wash in circular motion on your face and massage gently. Use daily for best results.

O3+ men ocean mela derm cream – beauty brands usually tend to introduce products targeting women. O3+ men ocean mela derm cream is specially made keeping men in mind. It protects from sun and also helps in daily moisturising. It is suitable for normal and dry skin both which helps in skin nourishment to get the perfect refresh, rejuvenated skin like never before. Once applied, it works for 24 hours straight which protects from uv rays.

O3+ seaweed mask – O3+ seaweed mask is specially manufactured to fight against acne and pimples as that’s the most growing problem amongst today’s youth. For best results apply the mask and leave it for flat 15 minutes and later gently wipe off the mask and clean your face with wet towel. Apply at regular intervals to gain best results. 

O3+ Deep concerns  brighten up cleanser – O3+ Deep concerns  brighten up cleanser is mainly apt for dull skin. It consists of vitamins which helps in brightening and rejuvenation skin removing the dullness of your skin. Team it up with O3+ brighten up tonic for great results.

03+  meladerm oxygenatix foundation – every girl/women looks for the best of foundation which will make her look and glow up her skin. 03+  meladerm oxygenatix foundation is a must have for all the makeup lovers. It not only makes your skin glow but also conceals and fades all marks and anti marks on your skin.  For best results put only four drops of 03+  meladerm oxygenatix foundation and blend it properly and apply. It is suitable for all skin types.

The above products are one of the best O3+ beauty products which doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and makes your skin glow and reenergise like you always wanted it to be.

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