Facial Exercises For A Fit Personality

Whoever said that your face is the mirrors to your soul want kidding! Think about it. Whenever you meet a stranger or come across someone you are meeting for the first time, what are the characteristics on which you make an opinion about them? Trust me, it wouldn’t be too shallow to say that the first impression of that person is made by their face. These judgment markers are hardwired into our brain. Until the time you actually get to know someone, their face happens to be the only tangible insight you have to their personality. This is why people pay so much attention to this part of their body, ensuring that it is always in proper shape at all times.

If you have been putting on weight in the recent few months, trust me your face wouldn’t have been left untouched either. Notice how your cheeks are appearing fuller than before or that double chin that has started to stealthily make its appearance. These happen to be some of the most difficult area to target for fat loss. Here is a list of facial exercises that can help you manage the situation before it goes out of hand

# The Blowfish

This facial exercise for cheeks is something that all of us have tried our hands on as children. Remember that fish face you used to pull when teasing somebody? The Blowfish exercise is quite similar to that childhood prank. Fill your left cheek with air to its maximum capacity. Open the left corner of your mouth and use the muscles of your left cheek to push the air out, exerting as much force outwardly as you can. You can repeat the same steps for the other side as well for best results. This exercise works to reduce the excess fat deposits in your cheeks, getting your skin and facial structure to form lean angles by highlighting the Zygomatic arch. Be sure to try this out.

# The cheek Flattener

This facial fitness exercise is even simpler than the previous one. All you need to do is close your mouth and blow air underneath your top lip. Try and hold this puffed position for over ten seconds then move it to your left cheek and hold again. The same needs to be done for your right cheek as well. This exercise works on the Orbicular is Oris muscle located around your eyes and the Modulus muscle on either side of your lips as well as working your Zygomatic Arch muscle above your cheek bones, thus providing you with a comprehensive workout for your face.

These facial exercises are pretty simple and do not require any untoward commitment from your end. Just spend a few seconds doing these a few times a day and your will have a perfectly sculpted face in no time. The best part is, you can try these exercise out just about anywhere, anytime – in your office, in your car or your home.

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