Eyelid Surgery For A Youthful Appearance

Get to know what is the Longevity of Results and the Pre-Operative Instructions, and Post-Operative Measures to be taken for the best outcome.

The Process Of Eyelid Surgery

The skin too grows older with age, making the skin around the eyes lose its elasticity as a result of the constant gravitational pull making it droopy over and under the eyelids. This sometimes causes problems relating to vision, which is requires an operation to clear the bulges in and above the eyelids.

The thin membrane enables the fat to deposit on the layer which weakens with age making it hang more and more, intervening in your vision.

The best part of this surgical procedure is that it promises effective results for eye bag removal to a great extent eliminating facial wrinkles and dark circles altogether. You can even undergo related procedures like laser resurfacing, forehead lifts and dermal filler injections to attain the desired result. And in doing so, it offered a better and clear vision with a more rejuvenated and youthful appearance.

Suitable Candidature

People with consistent good health, having realistic expectation for the ideal candidate for this surgical procedure are usually above 35 years of age, though if droopy eyes are something which runs through one’s family it can be done some time sooner. Not only you get back the lost confidence, but also acquire a better appearance with a proper facial structure.

Longevity Of Results

After removal of the excess hanging skin around the eyes, in the form of eye bags, it doesn’t usually require any kind of reputations.  The upper eyelid surgery can last up to 5-7 years and if the sagginess returns, it is suggested to opt for a forehead lift instead of an eyelid surgery this time around. But the patients should always keep in mind the cons and the pros of the surgery before the surgery to avoid any unpleasant situation later.

Pre-Operative Instructions

It is important that you refrain from drinking and smoking habits, atleast for a couple of weeks before undergoing the surgery. You may have to also stop taking any blood thinning medications for a better outcome. You may require to have a reliable companion who could sit through the procedure, and drive you home and can even stay with you for a couple weeks or so. For more details please visit at

Post-Operative Measures

The candidate is required to stay back at home for a few weeks post surgery and must conduct a limited amount of activities and rest as much as possible. He/ she may encounter dry eyes, as a cause of the lack of constant lubrication and moisture, which can cause mild discomfort, mainly for the first couple of weeks.  The phenomenon can last more in the indicated timeframe which makes the patient consult the surgeon immediately in case of any bleeding or eyesight issues.

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