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Eye makeup eyemakeup

Makeup is a routine that women and girls do to look beautiful. Eye makeup is important part of makeup.  Makeup kits are not complete without eye makeup products. There are varieties of makeup products available in the market. Knowing use and types of makeup products is an important and first step in choosing the right make up products. These products are available in the form of gel, powder pencils and liquids and in variety of colors. Top brands like L’oreal, Revlon, Color bar and maybeline offer eye makeup products.  Below are different types of eye makeup products and their use.


Kajal is important part of eye makeup without which eye make-up never completes. Kajal is applied lower inside lower lash.  There are several brands and color to choose from.  Choose right color which suits your eye.  Before you apply kajal make sure that the pencil is sharp to get finer kajal application.  To get best look, apply kajal slowly with short strokes moving from out corner to inner corner.

Eye Liner

Eye liner is applied around contours of the eye to define the eye. To make you eye look wider or smaller depending on the color, you need to apply eye liner. Eye liners are available in gel, liquid and pencil forms.  Most of common styles of eye liner application are to get smoky eye look or winged eye look. Top eye liner brands to choose from are Lakeme, Maybeline and L’oreal.

Eyebrow Pencils

Eyebrow pencils are used to define, give shape, color and density to eyebrow. Eyebrow pencils are important part of makeup kit as it adds to frame your face and get groomed eyebrow.


Mascaras are used to makeup eye lash. Mascaras make eyelash appear lengthier and thicker. Application of mascaras is the best way to add volume to eyelashes. There are Mascaras which are water proof and washable. Use water proof mascara for long lasting makeup.

Eye Shadows

It is very simple to use eye shadows which make your eye look beautiful.  Eye shadows are applied on eye lids. Eye shadows are available in variety of shades.  Choosing the right shade is the key in making your eye look good with eye shades.

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