Exploring The Advantages Of Follicular Unit Transplantation

FUT and FUE are main types of hair transplantation. But here we are going to explore the advantages of FUT as compared to the other procedures of hair regain.

This process consumes leaves minimal scarring and takes the least amount of time to bring out the final outcome. There may be another corrective technique, which may help you to remove the scars if left behind by the erroneous procedures.

FUT techniques is not tough to beat, as anyone with a rich reserve of the donor hair can become a great source of FUT technique. People facing excessive thinning of hair, and those suffering from a drastic loss of hair can benefit a lot from the process. The best part of the surgeries is that the patient’s own follicular units are used to fill the recipient zone presenting the most natural looking hairline. It can just function under the local anesthesia, and could be simply administered with an epinephrine solution before the surgery. It usually takes 4-6 hours to complete an outpatient based process. Here is a list of expectations, which are practical enough to live upon:

  • Local anesthesia in the donor region is enough to numb and complete the process in an outpatient manner. The patient shall not feel any pain or numbness even if sutured or an incision is made.
  • The region is closed with the help of self-dissolvable stitches as the strip is extracted.
  • Around 5000 incisions are made on the recipient area to complete the process of implanting hair follicles to offer a full grown head of hair.
  • The incisions in made with precision can reduce bleeding and help you maintain normal blood circulation.
  • Initial level of irritation may be there, but it shall hardly last until one week.
  • The shock loss phase is crossed within a few weeks, allowing the transplanted hair follicles to fall off and grow again.
  • Scab formation is a side effect of FUT, but there is nothing to worry as it subsides within one week with proper maintenance.
  •  It should be noted that the strip of donor hair is always extracted from a region named as ‘safe zone’, which holds great importance for the success of the procedure and is compiled of baldness resistant follicles. This not only allows to assure the growth of the new hairs, but also a higher success rate of the procedure.
  •   Last, but not the least the success of the surgery also highly depends on the experience and level of expertise of the surgeon performing, which is why it is important that you go for reliable and renowned clinic and surgeon.

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