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How will you feel if you look good? Well, the answer would obviously be good. But how? We at Rubaa’s Salon, are extremely dedicated to serve you in a fun, creative and a professional ambience. With us, you can make your exterior look beautiful and feel satisfied from within.

We welcome you to relax and nurture your spirit, body and mind. To make you feel more comfortable and refreshed, we offer services like full body wax Calgary and body wax Calgary. You can experience high-end spas and other quality services to get de-stressed, and rejuvenated.

To know more about our services, go through the following sections:

Waxing makes you feel best

We try to remove undesirable body hair in a professional way. This can enhance your beauty and makes you feel good and confident. We maintain an absolute privacy in waxing and make you feel relaxed to enjoy the spa.

What you can expect from waxing

Waxing is a remedial solution to a long term trouble of unwanted hair. You have to understand that, apart from removing hair, waxing also helps in making the skin soft and smooth. It also helps in skin nourishment. At our salon, the best quality wax is applied for enhancement of the quality. We have individual experts with us, who selects the wax depending on the skin type and texture. Our service process helps in removing very short hair with accuracy and efficiency.

The professionals whom we employ are highly competent. They ensure that the waxing environment is sanitized properly. The equipments are disinfected and the towels are cleaned and changed between the sessions.

The services of body wax Calgary include under-arm, half arm, full arm, eye-brow, half-legs, bikini, full body waxing, full face and Brazilian wax.

Work that our professionals do:

We make our clients ready for waxing by applying a powder based pre-waxing product. This process facilitates in smooth removal of the hair thereby protecting the sensitive area. Then we apply a semi-solid wax, which can be hot or cold.

It totally depends on the body part, which needs to be waxed. The product is then applied in the direction of the hair growth. Our experts then quickly remove the hair. Finally, our beauty therapist softens the irritated pores by applying a soothing gel.

The hair removal treatments differ depending on the time taken for hair growth. We try to make your skin attractive and glowing by our waxing and hair removal therapies. We suggest you go for waxing every 3-6 weeks for better result.

All our services come at affordable prices and we accept by cash only.

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