Different Types Of Hair Styling Treatments Available

We girls are so sensitive about our hair. Even a wrong and unflattering haircut can upset us to no bounds. But since, most of us are not happy with our natural hair, we tend to opt for permanent hair styling treatments that are so easily available nowadays. In fact, treatments like permanent hair straightening and rebonding are so common these days.
Though we all know about the harmful side effects of various heat styling products, we still cannot keep ourselves away from the amazing after-effects of these hair styling processes. If you are all set to indulge in one of these, it’s better to learn about the various types of treatments available before you spend those extra bucks. So today, we will tell you all that you need to know about these hair styling treatments.

Since most women still do not know the difference between hair rebonding, hair straightening and hair smoothening, we will begin with these types of treatments that make your locks sleek and straight.

Hair Rebonding:
Hair rebonding is a permanent solution to straight hair with the help of certain chemicals. So if you’re pissed with unruly and unmanageable hair, here’s your answer. Strong chemicals are used that penetrate your hair follicles, break the bonds of our hair and rearrange them so that your hair becomes super straight. The entire procedure would take as close to six hours and the effects would last as long your hair takes to re grow.

Hair Straightening:
Temporary hair straightening is one where you easily use a flat-iron to solve your hair woes but the results last for a just few hours. Permanent hair straightening, on the other hand, includes the usage of chemical relaxing agents, relaxing shampoos and conditioners. This is one of the first techniques to artificially straighten hair and hence, people get a little confused. Make sure you talk clearly with your stylist about the treatment you want to opt for.

Hair Smoothening:
Hair smoothening is perfect for women with frizzy hair. Smoothening simply eases out your frizz and makes your hair look much more controlled and straight. The results last for a rough period of five months. The best part about hair smoothening is that it is less damageable than the treatments mentioned above and more natural-looking as well. If you want your hair to not look artificially styled, opt for hair smoothening.

Hair Perming:
Hair perming is for women who are bored of their sleek, straight hair and want to achieve a more fun and carefree look. If you’re someone who sits with a curling rod every morning, you should consider going for this treatment and getting rid of the rod for good. Surprisingly, there are different types of hair perming┬átoo.

– Multi-texture perming uses different types and sizes of rods to curl your hair to give it a more natural and un-uniformed look.
– Root perming is curling just the roots of your hair to give a more voluminous appeal to your hair. The good part about root perming is that it leads to minimal chemical damage.
– Gentle perming using rollers instead of rods and gives natural waves to your pretty mane.
– Partial perming is best suited for long hair as it curls only the ends of your hair leaving a natural effect on the roots and mid-section. It is manageable and gives the perfect beachy effect.
– Modern stacked perming is when curls are used to layer your one-length hair.
– Pin curls are created by using pins and give the perfect retro-effect.

Now that you have all the necessary information about the different types of hair styling treatments, choose the one that you think would suit you best and go fix and appointment!

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