Determining The Candidacy For Facelift Surgeries

The facelift surgery can help you reverse the harmful effects of time by tightening the underlying muscles capable of creating aesthetically pleasing facial structure and contours. The excess pockets of fat are removed, which contributed to the gaining of age and an exhausted appearance.

Having a realistic expectation is good from cosmetic surgeries is great, but the outcome can only be great if you maintain the pre-operative and the post-operative measures suggested by the plastic surgeons. The ideal candidates share certain important traits and the list of factors are mentioned below:

  • Skin Elasticity

The first criteria of a good facelift candidate is that he/ she should have a natural flexibility and suppleness in their existing skin for a better outcome. The surgical procedure is to help you reduce the wrinkles and fine expression lines, and all of it on the skin which you have. Thus, it is essential that you have a god skin from beforehand and the procedure can help you to achieve improved contours and reduced appearance of wrinkles.

  • Strong Bone Structure

Along with a great skin texture, a strong facial bone structure is also required as it contributes towards more satisfying results. Though it is not an issue if you have less distinct features as it may benefit you from other alternatives like facial implants in addition to a facelift surgery.

  • Realistic Expectation

Along with the positive side of face lift, it is also essential that you would know the limitations of the facial plastic surgery too. Keep in mind that a qualified plastic surgeon can help a patient receive all the right answers to their queries that may help them to take the right decision.

  • Good Overall Health

Generally a healthy candidate is preferred for getting better outcomes from the facelift surgery, but if there is any other preexisting medical condition, it may collide with the facelift and not produce a desirable result.

Though facelift is an invasive procedure, but it requires the patient to be mentally and physically be prepared before undertaking it as significant recovery and healing will be required.

  • Loose facial and neck skin

If you wish to remove the excess skin from the neck and face, it may help you to reduce the appearance of the wrinkles in your skin and help it to tighten. The process basically works with the surgeon eliminating the excess loose skin by trimming and offer a younger appearance.

Age Restrictions Of Facelift Surgery

Though not the most important factor for determining the right eligibility for a facelift surgery. The most average age at which maximum number of people undergo facelift are between 40-70 years. People above 70 can also benefit from the surgery, but it is best before the skin texture is too much saggy and filled with wrinkles.

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