Curve is new black

“Curvy is new black” Short and curvy girls often encounter wardrobe challenges. Here are just a few of my suggestions on how to rock your curvy body with style. So, ladies with curves, let’s talk about how to layer clothes to our advantage.


  • Wear long shirt:

 It can make you look longer but make sure that shirt should never cover your zipper.

  • Abstain cuffing your jeans:

It can make you look cuts your legs off so tuck in your shirt as it will help you section your body in a natural way. Fitted, tucked-in shirt is a good contrast for a cleaner look.

  • Wear an asymmetrical dress with heels:

It will help make your calf look longer. Try a belt to add height to your legs and accentuate your waist. This helps show off your natural curves and will break up your body a bit. Also, it makes your legs look long.

  • Wear tailor fit shirts:

It’s unclear whom shirts are made for. But it is not for short girls. If you have have a racer back shirt, tailor it. Pulling up the straps to the correct position will help you look slimmer, and pulling the bottom of your shirt to the right length can cover your bra straps so you don’t have to purchase a special bra for your shirt.

  • Wear a blazer over a crop top:

Crop shirts will make your upper body part look broader than they are so fix it wear a blazer or jacket to soften the look.

  •  Always cuff long shirts:

Long sleeve shirt can be difficult to handle and can give a messy look so try cuffing your shirt to help breakup the design.




  • Avoid wearing the bat sleeve dresses:

Bat sleeves can be unflattering for short heighted girls. Wear longer sleeve to show off your guns in all their glory.

  • Skip pants that gather at the bottom:

They can give a “cankle” look which can make you appear shorter than you are. Instead try a pant that cuts off at the ankle.

  • Avoid wearing sandals with ankle length straps with cuffed jeans or shorts:

Ankle straps can make your calf look bigger than it is and cuts off your legs in an unnatural way. Ankle strap sandals work best if you can’t actually see the ankle strap. Suggest Fashion expert of

So fully embrace and start to love your curves!

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