Cover up the Hair Loss by Men & Women Hair Wigs

Losing hair is an emotional situation that people handle it with different ways. Some decide to accept the shedding, and some people go for hair loss treatments and hair regrowth therapy. Others choose the way to conceal the baldness with a wig. This is the most common option, where you can cover your baldness with wearable hair. If you have full baldness, you need a full wig to cover that; otherwise in case you just have fine, partial hair loss or thinning hair, you will require extra coverage.

Pick your wig type

There are different type of  women hair wigs available, depending upon on the material and sewing of the hair. The most common types are:

• Ready made Synthetic wig

• Ready made Real hair wig

• Custom made wigs

Ready made Synthetic wig: This type of wig is ideal to cover hair loose and can be worn at any stage, with partial or full baldness and whilst waiting for new hair growth. If you are undergoing from a treatment, this wig will be the best choice. Synthetic hair is the finest man-made fibre that gives a feel and look like the real hair. These wigs are easy to take care. Wash it and leave it to dry, and it will reform the shape naturally. You will require special shampoos and conditioners to wash the fabric and soften it. As these wigs made from synthetic, the material do not have heat tolerance and can be melt due to it, so do not apply heated appliances like, hot irons, hair dryers, etc. This cheaper material is not long lasting, so you need to change the wig in 6 months. These men hair wigs are available in a wide variety of colours and textures.

Ready-made Real hair wig: This is another type of wigs which can go ideal during hair loss and hair gain treatment. If synthetic hair doesn’t suit your skin, go for this wig made from 100 percent natural hair. It is little expensive than the synthetic hair wig. The hair is collected from Asian women with good quality, long hair. Then it has been dyed and treated into different colours, however, the colours and texture can vary. As this is made by natural hair, it can be permed, coloured and enhanced just as the real hair. It also indicates that the real hair wig requires more care than any other wigs. Each time you wash it, you will need blow dry and styling appliance to set the hair. You can treat it as your original hair. You can style it, colour it, according to the guidance of wig supplier. As it is made with natural hair, you can use heated appliances as you use on your own hair to style it. You can choose any normal shampoo and conditioner to wash the wig; however, it will take more time and care to maintain it.

Custom made wigs: You will have two options of custom made wigs. Custom made wigs with weft base that is best to be worn whilst new hair growth and over hair, and custom made wigs with a glued base.

Custom made wig with weft base is ideal at all stages of hair loss. But it takes time to make the wig and it also comes very expensive. You can make it exactly fit to your head and can do colour, any style and cuts. It can be worn with both full and partial baldness. Made it with the choice of hair, synthetic or real.

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