Connect To The World and Nature Through Bohemian Clothing

Gypsy tops, hippie camisoles, ethnic tunics, romantic blouses, jumpsuits and rompers or even the old clothes from your closet, the important thing is…

“You’ll get the look that matches your personality.”

If you want it to be hippie, street style, exotic, chic or casual, then you may consider Bohemian clothing.

The Origin of Bohemian Clothing

According to Mr. Wikipedia, the term “Bohemian” in modern usage is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives. The best-known examples are the Stephen sisters, Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf, the adherents of “Bloomsbury Group”. The original “Bohemians” were travelers or refugees from central Europe.

Contemplating on the fashion style of “boho-chic” in the early years of 21st century, the Sunday Times thought it ironic that “fashionable girls wore ruffly floral skirts in the anticipation of looking bohemian, nomadic, spirited and non-bourgeois” where “gypsy girls themselves…are sexy delightful exactly as they don’t give a hoot for fashion.” By contrary, in the late 19th century and 1st half of the 20th, aspects of Bohemian Fashion reflected the lifestyle itself.

Bohemian Clothing Today

Because of its rule breaking concept and an unusual artistic lifestyle, many people, mostly teens are adapting these kinds of unique clothing. It is the most cunning style of modern fashion and commonly attributed to individuals who diverge from the standards of particular culture or society.

Dressing Bohemian Style

Bohemiam Style is perfect for women who love to connect with the world and nature and shamanic practices.

Just consider the color as it is the key ingredient to perfectly achieve the boho fashion style. Stick with the rich earthy and warm color such as black, brown cream white, olive green and khaki. Make these shades your main fashion color palette.

Layering is another essential key of getting boho look. It’s about keeping everything in balance. An example is a statement necklace that easily adds style to an otherwise bland outfit. Intricately beaded styles or ones made from pounded metal and epoxy is also a good choice.

Always keep in mind, with the right mix, you can achieve a chic bohemian style and look stunning. Your bohemian clothing style conveys an attitude and style that describes a free-spirited, independent frame of mind. 

You can adorn yourself with the richest flavors of cultures and create a rich cocktail of hippie 70s style, casual, ethnic along with the vintage. It’s definitely feminine in a rugged and effortless way.

Dressing bohemian style is a way to express yourself, your creativity and individuality.

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