Common skin diseases leading to cosmetic problems

Good condition and care of skin and hair will help to feel you best.  Usually skin diseases are not life threatening even they cannot produce ill health. Apart from that, skin diseases alter the quality of life by another way. Skin diseased person comprises their habits and enjoyments. Skin diseases become a symbol of disgrace in the society. Skin diseased person feel embarrassment in the group of people. There are the some common skin diseases which lead to cosmetic problems.

Huzaj (Seborrheic dermatitis)

It is a common problem of scalp. Commonly it is known as dandruff. It can be characterized as presence of patchy or diffuse reddish area covered by scales. Scales are loosely attached, yellowish in colour and greasy in nature.

Several formulations were designed by Unani physicians to overcome from this pathology. Some of them are described as

a)      Decoction of beetroot was used for scalp washing after addition of buraq (salty material).

b)      Use roghan-e-gul with sirka (vinegar) and sharab (alcohol) for oiling of scalp.

Nishanat-e-jlid (Marks on skin)

Marks over the skin can be results from any diseases or injury etc. Marks over the skin are a problematic issue and everyone wants to wash off this. A number of skin diseases can live behind marks like chicken pox, acne etc. in Unani system of medicine there is plethora of formulations are used to remove that marks mentioned in Unani literature. Examples are as follows

a)      A tila (liniment) was prepared by using Murdar-e- sang (Massicot/Lead oxide/Plumbi oxidum) dissolve in roghan gul (Rosa damascena). This tila (liniment) should be applied over the marks.

b)      Paste was prepared by using Murdar-e- sang (Massicot/Lead oxide/Plumbi oxidum), Roghan gul (Rosa damascena) and charbi-e-bat (fat). This paste was applied over the marks.

c)      A tila (liniment) was prepared by using hartal zard (Arsenic oxide) and ushaq (Dorema ammoniacum).This tila (liniment) should be applied over the marks.

d)      A paste was prepared by using Hartal zard (Arsenic oxide), hijrul filfil in 1 part and kundur (Boswellia serrata) in ½ part with aab-e-kishneez (Coriandrum sativum). Applied over the marks regularly.

Basoor labanya (Acne)

It is a common skin problem among the young age. It is usually affects the confidence and self esteem. It is caused by over activity of sebaceous glands. These glands become plugged from its own secretion. The plugged follicle become darken, whiteheads and blackheads, Inflamed, nodules, cyst. Some time acne leaves scar although it corrects with time and age. Musaffiyat (blood purifiers) are recommended in Unani medicine to cope up with this problem.

Large pores

Pores are tiny opening present over the surface of skin. If the pores are large so that become visible causes several skin complains. In the cosmetic prospective they look ugly.

Badshanam (Rosacea)

Rosacea can be characterized as facial swelling with redness. It can appear in any age and usually fair complexion people are affected.

Wrinkles and folds

This can be appearing with advancing the age of people. Smoking, dieting etc can worsen the situation. It can be minimized by nutrition and Unani cosmeceutical dosage forms like zimad, tila, ubtan etc.


Usually dry skin is a problem of old age but can be seen in young individuals also. In case of xerosis excessive dryness appears. Natural markings of skin become pronounced. Skin becomes scaly, cracked and rough. In the presence of xerosis skin of the individuals give ugly look and leads to cosmetic problems.

Tagayyur-e-laun-e-jild (Common pigmentation problems) –

Bars (Vitiligo):  It is a common pigmentation disorder. White patches are seen over the skin results from melanocyts hypo-functioning or destruction. It’s an autoimmune disorder. It just not only leads to cosmetic problems but also social issue. White patches in this skin disease resembles with leprosy patches which leads to confusion and sense of unacceptable.  It makes the affected individuals tarnish in cosmetic prospective.

Hyperpigmentation: Hyperpigmentation means brownish patches. Usually found over the face, neck, leg or hand. It is common problem seen with advancing age. Some time they are known as liver spot. Although they does not produce ill health but usually affected peoples wants to remove it. Cosmetic problems arise because of Hyperpigmentation. It can be lighten or removed by using cosmetic dosage forms in Unani like Ghaza, galia or ubtana etc.

Baras aswad baad e tehleel e auram (Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation): Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation usually seen after acne, following injury, dermatitis and some time as fixed drug eruptions.

Bars e aswad (hormonal imbalance Hyperpigmentation): Hyperpigmentation may also be result from sun burn, hormonal imbalance as in pregnancy and PCOD.  

Hyper pigmented area usually affects the exposed part of body mainly over the skin of face. Hyperpigmentation give a bad patch on the beauty of individuals. Hyperpigmentation leads to cosmetic problems.

Daus sadaf (Psoriasis):

It is a hereditary skin disease. It is some time seen with association with arthritis. It can be characterized by reddish patches with scales. It can affect any part of the body. Mild itching was also seen in these patches. Individual affected from psoriasis wants to remove psoriatic patches because of cosmetic reason.


Under eye circles:

It is a common problem seen among the individuals. Beauty is compromises in presence of under eye circle. Many people use cosmetics to conceal that.

Stretch marks:

Rapid growth or wait gain as in puberty and pregnancy causes these pinkish stretch marks. Some time use of steroid also causes same marks. Stretch marks are usually seen over the breast, thigh and abdomen etc. If these marks appears in exposed part causes discomfort and comprises beauty.

Saseel (warts):

They are caused by human papiloma virus. It appears as a growth varying in size and shape usually around the neck or face etc.

Sara (urticaria):

They are usually appears as a result of anaphylactic reactions. It appeared as a red, fluid filled bulla with intense pruritus. It sometime affects whole body. It may be chronic and affects beauty and grace of affected person.


Alopecia or baldness becomes the common problem in youth. It may be metabolic or nutrition, androgenic, cicatricial, traction and chemical. It affects personality of the affected person. Unani system of medicine serves its solution by using regimental therapy and pharmacotherapy by using muhammir (rubifacient) drugs.

Sheeb (Canities):

Premature graying of hair is a cosmetic problem faced by several young’s.  Exact cause was not identified yet but probably emotional disturbance, nutritional deficiency etc are the reason for canities. Unani physicians advised several khizab for beautification of hair in case of premature greying.

Above mentioned skin diseases creates trouble in the life of affected person. These skin diseases leads to cosmetic problem in an individual’s life. 

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