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Hello everyone,
I hope you guys had an amazing weekend. Holi is just around the corner and we can see glimpse of colors and water everywhere. And last weekend I went shopping with my friend and I found this really cool silky and perfect long over-sized shirt from H&M and was totally confused between buying it or not. So then I thought why not, I can make this work for summers. Before we start, Please check my last post of an amazing product from Neutrogena.

What made me buy this ? Well to be honest I loved the color and the print. And when put it on, it was simply a delight because it was very comfortable and light that summers would also love this. At that very moment, I made a note in my mind about writing a post about the same. It’s important for anyone to share your ideas or thought before its slips away from your mind and wasted. So here goes the OOTD for spring and summer.

So what exactly is a Shirt Dress?

Shirt Dress is a longer version of a shirt, which may or may not be over-sized with buttons. It looks like a shirt but these days it is most commonly used as a dress.

We cannot always wear hot dress , crop tops or anything much exotic and fashionable. Sometimes we need to relax and feel a little more comfortable and free in what we wear and this long shirt dress does the job. You can wear shirt dress in a so many different ways, This is just one look which wasn’t awkward to carry on the streets of the capital.

I styled this Dress Shirt with my Black plazo with my heels. When to comes to footwear, you are are always free to choose what keeps you comfortable in walking. However, when choosing not to wear full bottoms, the best option I find is boots. It can be either ankle boots or boots which is upto your knees. And if you have a good height flats will also look cool and classy. The color combination looked perfect and was complimenting each other. I also combined a necklace which I got from Bling Lane which looked super classy. You guys need to check it out.

The best pairing to make out with a off shoulder top is to choose a denim or a skirt but it’s always your choice of what exactly you would you like and what makes you look chic as well as comfortable. However I have not been a great fan of skirts and so I choose to wear it with my new denim.

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