Colour your hair naturally with organic hair dyes

There are many men and women who choose various hair dyes to colour their grey hair. Some choose to go with natural hair dyes like natural blonde hair dye, natural indigo powder while some choose synthetic chemical dyes to colour their hair. Also, there are many who are switching to organic hair dyes for various different reasons. These days there is a lot of hype about the organic hair dye. It is getting more popular among people with skin disorders and pregnant ladies.  

Organic hair dyes are a boon to people who are sensitive to synthetic and harsh chemicals and do not want to use them. Made from natural and organic ingredients, these organic hair dyes does not contain ammonia which is the main cause of irritations and other skin problems. Other than ammonia, they do not contain any other harsh ingredients such as peroxide, coal tar, resorcinol and PPDs. PPDs, a short form of para-phenylenediamines, is a chemical found in most of the hair dyes. Normal hair dyes damage hair significantly and potentially cause hair to dry, coarse and prone to breakage and loss.

Contrary to this, organic hair dyes give you full freedom to enhance your hair curls and texture without giving a thought of damage to your hair. These organic hair dyes do not have any adverse effect on hair as well as scalp. You can choose from a variety of organic hair colour and the dye such as organic henna powder, indigo powder, organic cassia obovata powder, and many others to give your hair the desired colour and texture. In addition to this, these organic hair colour and dyes have significant benefits too. They help in colouring your hair naturally while leaving your hair much soft and shinier. The organic hair dyes contain far lesser chemicals and are still effective and give similar results to synthetic colour and dyes.       

Lastly, your hair type and sensitivity level are two parameters that will help you find out which hair dye is better for you as anyone can develop sensitivity to any material, be it organic or synthetic. So, always do a skin test prior to dyeing your hair. It is best to avoid dye that is harsh on your hair and contains synthetic chemicals. When you are using organic hair dye for colouring your grey hair or giving them the desired colour and texture, you have peace of mind that the colour is safe and natural and will give no damage to your lovely hair.


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