Choices To Be Made Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Owing to the complications of the breast augmentation process, to which it may rise to, there are several things which you should get clear about before undertaking the procedure. Here are a few questions, which you should ask to yourself before taking the final call:

Get to know the sole reason behind why you are seeking to have a breast augmentation in the first place.

Every surgery comes with negative aspects, which is why it is important to know the potential complications and health risks that you may be facing and final costing that you have to incur with this surgery.

It is good if you can take time while making up your mind as it a crucial decision for you, and must not be decided under the influence of others.

Talking to a professional surgeon is a wise decision to take and can make the things work for you. You can have all the knowledge that you are seeking regarding the procedure, with the help of the cosmetic surgeon who is experienced. The candidate should have a realistic expectations and full knowledge of the side effects of the process.

Any form of cosmetic surgery is expensive to a certain extent, which is why it is important that you get a transparent idea about the expenditure associated with breast augmentation.

The next form of important decision occurs when the patient needs to choose the type of implant she should opt for. The 2 major types of implants are silicone and saline implants, both of which have advantages and disadvantages.

Saline implants are pre implanted into the breasts and then filled with sterile saline water, while the silicone implants are pre filled with the silicone gel and then implanted in the pocket made. It displays the appearance of a natural human fat, which is why it is preferred by many women.

There is a risk of rupturing of both the saline and silicone implants are high and any accidental fall, mammographic pressure or poor surgical procedure may lead to the rupturing. Saline implant is noticeable as the shape changes with the slightest pressure, as the shape alters when the fluid oozes out.  While the rupturing of the silicone cannot be detected easily as the shape is retained. This is more harmful as the surrounding lymph nodes can worsen the situation.

Cost wise the breast augmentation of UK ranges in between £3000-5000.    Though there are many additional costings which are required in the follow up sessions.  If ever a patient wants a replacement surgery in the future, the same clinic is always preferred. Here are a few potential health risks which are inclusive of the following:

Rupture (implant slits open)

Bruising and scarring

Infection and bleeding after operation

Folding or Creasing of implants

Lack of nipple sensation (though a  temporary change and not permanent.

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