Causes for Weak Nails and Fixes

Causes of Damaged and Weak Nails

Generally, weak nails are very easy to identify. They are thin and easily breakable. On the other side weak, damaged nails can also consist of rough patches and can become colourless. As you may know, through there are many issues that can cause weak nails and one of them is harsh chemicals. House cleaning can actually lead to weak nails. Cleaning supplies’ chemicals harm nails, causing them to become weak and easily breakable. To overcome this problem, should use rubber gloves while cleaning . By using a glove, nails will not come in contact with the harmful chemicals and they will still have room to take a breath and remain healthy.

Your health condition is also responsible for weak and unhealthy nails. Hypothyroidism and hormonal imbalances are the main health problems that may cause of weak nails. Another culprit is genetics. However, in this cases, you should consult your doctor for the best solution. Some nail supply products also responsible for unhealthy nails like acrylic nails. It looks amazing, but they can make your nails weak once removed by an unprofessional person. The combined materials used to apply acrylic nails include a big deal of chemicals that can result in the unhealthiness and weakness of the natural nails. It does not mean that wearing acrylic nails is bad for health. On an occasion, take a break and another option is switching to dip gel nails. Still there is chemical included with gel nails but they are less harsh than those acrylics.

Many of us carry one bad habit which is one of the causes of unhealthy nails. Biting nails and hangnails can also the cause of nail weakness. When we are biting our nails, bacteria are transferring from the mouth to nail causing irritation and slowly weakness. Always avoid nail biting to make your nails smooth, shiny as well as healthy.

Get Strengthen Nails

Here some ways to avoid getting weak nails but there are many hands out there that already got weak nails and they need more ways to cure their nails. To get back a healthy nail, try these ways.

A nail strengthening polish can help you. Many base coats or top coats are made specifically to harden nails and make them healthier. It helps to get back a natural coloured and strong nail. Vitamins also a vital part of a strong nail. Vitamins have nutrients that can make nails stronger. To make weak nails stronger, nail cuticle cream also a great way. Moisturizing the nails with cuticle cream can help you  to make your nail healthy because cuticle cream is just like a meal for nails. If your nails are weak, don’t let them long. Chipped nails can lead to weak nails so always try to keep them trimmed.

Now you know the causes and fixes ways of your weak nails. Always try to take care of your nails because nails display the beauty and individuality. Make sure that you nails are not becoming weak or unhealthy. Unhealthy nails are easier to break and also it disturbs your beauty.

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