Best Skin Care Products- How To Choose The Best For Your Skin

The world of health care and cosmetics has been seeing remarkable growth and importance over the years. This phenomenon is owing to the fact that now everyone is more vigilant and more interested in taking care of their body and skin. Constant awareness of all health organization has also contributed to the knowledge of people about the repercussions of not paying attention to minute details about their health. Also, the easy availability of these products and assistance to cure issues has fuelled the health care industry’s growth. A layman now can confidently express his concerns and identify basic conditions with ease due to this tremendous development in the industry.

Skin care also has become one of the primary concerns of people. Having beautiful and healthy skin is a matter of concern for everybody. Describing one’s skin type is one of the primary requisites of skin care. Identifying the skin type and the health of the skin helps in picking the right skin care regime. Dry, Extra Dry, Sensitive, Oily, Extra sensitive, acne prone, blemishes, freckles, and the list goes on about the different skin types and the common problems that they face. And there are different treatments for each one of the skin type and skin condition.

But, how does one choose the best skin care products for oneself is one of the pressing questions. Due to the growing industry and competition, one will find a plethora of products with similar descriptions but different pricing. No matter how well equipped a layman is on the information; it is a big challenge to choose from the many products out in the market and the confusion is unavoidable.  But there is a small cheat sheet one can follow to at least eliminate the wrong products in the market.

  1. Alcohol-free – Try avoiding products with alcohol in it. Alcohol-based products are stronger in nature which has a harsher impact on your skin unless it is stearate-behenic alcohol which is used as a thickening agent in ointments and creams.
  2. Natural or organic: Natural and organic products have an inherent quality of being mild on the skin and have a lasting effect too. So picking products with natural ingredients or organic ingredients is always the better and safer choice.
  3. Samplers and patch test: The best way to pick any product would be to check the product and its suitability for your skin, is to pick few samples and test it on your skin. The absorption and reaction on the skin would help you pick the right products. Getting a patch test or sampling these products would help in picking the right products.
  4. Combination of ingredients: Having a mix of different ingredients will have a more promising effect on your skin, added to which, they will cater to multiple skin types. Have an oily t-zone but dry skin on the rest of the face then these products are highly effective.
  5.  Complimentary products: Usually companies manufacture products complimentary to each other. For example, a specific branded scrub will also have a complimentary moisturizer along with similar ingredients. Using such products will increase the effectiveness of using them. So using the same scrub and moisturizer and skin toner from the same company will always have lasting effects.

This cheat sheet is the basic of picking the best skin care products for one. For advanced knowledge and choosing specific products for specific conditions, one can consult a dermatologist.

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