Best Hair Care Products for Natural Black Hair

Our hair is part of what makes us beautiful. Clean, sparkling hair leaves a good impression. Here are some procedures for proper care of natural black hair.

What are the best hair care products for natural black hair?

Your natural black hair – and your overall health – deserve quality shampoos that do not contain parabens and sulfates. Parabens have been used in beauty products since the 1950s to act as a preservative. Sulfates are foaming and cleaning agents that are found in shampoos, as well as body washes and other products. There have been reports of both parabens and sulfates leading to health problems. However, you should also know that sulfates can also dry your hair, lead to hair loss, irritate your scalp, and cause your hair color to fade. At Abbey St Clare, we avoid parabens and sulfates.

There are some general rules of thumb:

  • Healthy feeding: About 98% of hair strands are made up of protein. A balanced diet with plenty of protein and Vitamin C is just what you need for strengthened and shiny hair.

  • Stress management: Mental and physical stress contribute to hair loss and breakage. Look for healthy emotional outlets for reducing your stress – yoga, biking, and exercising in general.

At Abbey St Clare, we have developed some shampoos and hair conditioner products for natural black hair that are healthy for your hair and your scalp.

Coffee and cloves shampoo for brunettes

The Coffee and Cloves Shampoo for Brunettes is a natural hair care product that is free from toxins, parabens, and sulfates. It has a perfect mix of natural extracts from Arabica coffee, walnut powder, and a healthy combination of vitamins and other essential oils.

Coffee and Cloves Shampoo enhances the shining and growth of black and brown hair while concealing fine gray hairs. It leaves a subtle but divine fragrance in your natural dark hair. Scalp-healthy nutrients are antiseptic, prevent breakage, and enhance shine and healthy growth. Clove oils are known for their ability to instill contentment and happiness; but that’s not the only reason we added them to this shampoo. Clove oil has been used for years to thicken thinning hair.

The clove bud essential oil is antiseptic, analgesic, and antiviral for the development of healthy hair and scalp follicles. Also included is castor oil, which enhances shine and manageability, shea and jojoba oils for a healthy scalp and follicle growth, and organic coffee beans; caffeine also enhances growth and strengthens hair follicles.

Only small amounts of Coffee and Cloves Shampoo is required for rapid results. Its application doesn’t require any special effort.

Directions for use. You only need to apply small quantity of shampoo with water in your hands and massage the hair gently with your fingertips to an elegant, foamy lather, then rinse away with water. A little goes a long way, and one bottle will last a long time.

Coffee and Cloves Leave-in Conditioner and Deep Conditioning Masque

This superb natural hair care treatment works differently from any other shampoo. The blend of extracts from black walnut powder, Arabica coffee, cloves and Vitamins B and C enhances your natural black or dark brown hair color and adds shine and manageability. The black walnut powder is a natural hair colorant. It is not a dye. It will enhance and deepen color. Grey hair will become a light shade of brown. Antiviral essential oils are antiseptic, for scalp health. Botanical oils strengthen hair strands and increase volume. Clove oil is an oil of inner harmony, instilling contentment, creativity, focus, happiness, and self-awareness. Shine comes from panthenol and castor oil. One bottle lasts at least six months for most people.

Coffee and Cloves conditioner is capable of enhancing hair growth, strengthening hair strands, and adding natural dark color and sparkling beauty to your natural hair.

Directions for use – As a leave-in conditioner, apply a little quantity on a towel and gently massage in your clean dried hair.

You can also use it as a masque. Apply a generous amount of Coffee and Cloves Conditioner on moist clean hair. Then cover hair with a shower cap for about an hour to maximize effectiveness. Rinse well. What you will get is the dark beautiful hair that you desire.

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