Beauty Essentials Every Girl Should Carry In Her Purse

No woman ever wakes up to a flawless skin every single day, not even actors and models. Every woman has those days when the skin is dehydrated, dark circles are more evident, or there is puffiness under the eyes. On other days, even though your skin felt as beautiful as ever in the morning, exposure to harsh winds, pollution, or heat/cold may cause it to look dull or oily or dry as the day passes by. In such cases, there are a few products that can instantly help you look fresh and beautiful without much effort. Keep reading to know more:

1. Face wipes/Face wash

You must always carry a face wash or face wipes in your bag. Summers are finally here and for those with oily skin, it’s almost impossible to go through the day without cleansing it in-between. Keep your face fresh and happy even during the summer heat.

2. Eye liner

Very basic yet an integral part of your daily makeup regime. Don’t forget to reapply your liner after washing your face; it’ll ensure you look nothing but gorgeous! If you love eye mascara, you can carry that in your bag as well. In fact, the many kinds of eye mascara online will have you spoilt for choice.  

3. Lip balm

Winters or summers, a girl should always carry a lip balm in her bag. Apart from keeping your lips moisturised, lip balms come in many exciting flavours nowadays and offer just the right amount of tint for work and college.

4. Your favourite lip colour

Ever made a spontaneous plan with your friends? If yes, you may have often faced situations wherein you were too casually dressed for the occasion or didn’t have enough makeup on. The right shade of lip colour can instantly brighten your face and help you look party-ready in just a few seconds. My personal favourite is Faces Canada that offers a huge collection of lipsticks and lip crayons. Can’t imagine stepping out of the house without one of those in my bag!

5. Compact

A compact is perfect for super hot and humid days when you need to constantly touch up your makeup. It’s portable and can be carried even in your smallest purse or clutch; it’s a beauty essential meant for every girl’s bag!

If you do not own one of the above-mentioned items, you can always buy beauty products online. Go and check all popular sites out!!

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