Beauty Checklist for Bride to be

Every one of the months of arranging has passed by abruptly and all of a sudden you get yourself only 1 month from your wedding day! *gasp* with only 30 days to go, Bling station give you magnificence tips for a month prior to your wedding so you look remarkable when D-day moves around. Becoming flushed lady? More like ravishing lady!



Lavish, take a gander at-me locks require some additional love and care. We trust you’ve eliminated heat styling in light of the fact that you don’t need dry, fatigued strands on your big day.

Begin eating nourishments for solid hair like fish, nuts, eggs and anything rich in Vitamin B to bring a sparkle and light up dull locks from within.

General scalp back rubs are an incredible approach to unwind in the midst of the franticness and help course for more grounded, shinier hair. Profound condition your mane consistently and book yourself in for a hair spa at your salon.

Get a trim 2 weeks ahead of time since it’s the best way to dispose of dry, harmed finishes and make your mane look so much more beneficial. Good old hair shading ought to be done 2 weeks earlier as well. When all is said and done you need to put out a metaphorical hair too buy buying beaded clutches from Bling station for your big day.



Drinking loads and heaps of water is a flat out must. On the off chance that you haven’t as of now increased your admission then you should NOW! It’s the most ideal approach to have clearer skin and a brighter, dewy gleam.

Practicing frequently is additionally the most ideal approach to help flow and convey a characteristic brilliance to your composition – regardless of the possibility that it is only a fast night walk.

You ought to be having month to month facials; your last one ought to be 8 days before the wedding to permit any redness to settle. Multani Mitti with a squeeze of turmeric is a fantabulous face pack to utilize two or three times each week to clear up your skin, light up it and give you that new gleam.

You ought to likewise shed your lips once every week for a delicate, smooth frown. Once you get that wedding glow done your jewellery must shine too. Buy golden earrings from your beloved Bling station.



Dark circles and puffy eyes are normal as of now on account of tiredness. It is vital to unwind and make up for lost time with your rest to look awesome on your enormous day. Make a point to get no less than 8 hours of magnificence rest each and every day in the weeks paving the way to it – this will guarantee that your eyes and in addition your skin look new.

Knead your eye region with almond oil routinely and put resources into a calming eye cream or simply utilize aloe Vera gel in the morning and night to help with puffiness.  



Try not to disregard your neck amid your magnificence standard as your décolletage and shoulders will likewise be flaunted in whatever you wear. Keep in mind the skin on your neck is delicate – shed it with your face scour each other day, saturate when done and don’t skip sunscreen on this region at whatever point you venture out.

For whatever is left of your body, utilize a body clean to shed away dead and harsh skin. Utilizing child oil as a part of the shower routinely is additionally an incredible path for additional support and delicateness.

Plan your waxing arrangement 3 to 4 days before the celebrations start.


Hands and Feet

Become out your nails as you don’t need short, squat nails on this critical day right?! Saturate your hands and arms day by day since dry skin and mehendi are truly not a decent blend.

You’ll be getting a pedicure before the festivities start obviously, however utilize a pumice stone day by day to get rid of dry sheet skin and nourish it with a aromatic moisturizer. Additionally, stay away from any tight, shut shoes since you truly don’t need any agonizing shoe chomps or wounds on your feet to come in the method for all your marriage magnificence. Speaking of magnificence be the glam bride you should be and wear around a charm anklets on your feet designed by Bling station. 

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