Baltic Amber Necklace for Teething Baby: Things You Should Know

Amber necklace for teething baby is a popular natural teething pain reliever alternative in Europe and has been widely known and chosen by parents all around the world for various reasons. Now let’s talk more about this.

Baltic amber teething necklaces are cute, made of small beads in various colors and look attractive when being worn around the neck. Glossy beads are commonly chosen for baby girl, while matte and rough are usually worn by baby boy. But that’s just a matter of preference for sure, so you can simply choose the one you think will look best for your baby.

Glossy, raw and matte beads offer the same great help to alleviate the pain on your baby’s gums. The bead of amber necklaces will release anti-inflammatory substance and will be absorbed into bloodstream by skin. The more maximum contact between the beads and skin, the better result will be.

Which Color of Bead Should I Choose?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions people ask when buying amber necklace for their baby. Well, all colors are cute, all are beautiful and your preference will be the answer. Transparent yellow / lemon is the lightest color and the darkest one is black. Between those two, there are milky yellow, milky orange / butterscotch, light cognac / honey, cognac, dark cognac / cherry and rare beads.

Some necklaces are made of single color beads, while others have some colors at once. The combination may vary widely, from two, three, four and more colors in a necklace. In deciding the combination, nature becomes number one source of inspiration for the artisans and rainbow necklace is only one of many examples.

Design and Safety Features

The Baltic amber necklace for teething baby is designed in such a way to fulfill the essential standard. First, the 33cm length is chosen to ensure the best comfort. This length is not too loose or too tight for teething baby. Each necklace comes with safety features, including the use of screw clasp and double knot stringing method to ensure durability and avoid choking hazard. Suppose if the necklace is broken accidentally, there will be only one bead falls instead of all, while others are remain intact.

After gaining popularity all around the world, Baltic amber teething necklaces become the new most favorite gift ideas among parents. At the same time, the artisans complete the selections by making teething bracelets. You can buy them in a set consists of one 33cm necklace and one 15cm bracelet.

For unique color combination, choose Limited Edition series. They are made with limited quantity, thus there won’t be many people have the same product as yours and it will be something exclusive you can give to your beloved little one. If you want to buy five or more products, then it will be good to choose wholesale lots. No matter which product you would have chosen eventually, amber necklace for teething baby is the best natural pain reliever you can rely on as well as the cute present you can give confidently.

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