AWT Ultra Technology

Body Shaping, local slimming and cellulite treatment is made with the latest technology AWT Ultra that is capable of activation of full-thickness tissue and regulate the fat tissue, connective tissue, muscle and metabolic systems. The fat tissue that leaves an unpleasant image on the skin surface that you cannot get rid of despite proper diet and fitness is a major cosmetic problem. Expanding fat cells and fibrous bands including collagen that lost its flexibility and aged is the cause of cellulite which similar to orange peel appearance of the skin. Fibrous connective tissue relieved by creating fibrous bans gained the ability to stretch and contains new collagen which is decomposed fibrous ban via injection of acoustic waves through the skin with the high frequency and amplitude. With this wave which also provide an increase in the blood circulation and increase in new collagen production in epidermis and dermis is constituted. The elasticity and firmness of the skin increases with the epidermis layer which is formed with the synthesis of new collagen containing high elastin. Full-thickness firming and shaping including skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle layer is created after this natural restructuring process that is created on the skin with AWT application. With the creation of collagen synthesis, which contains an high amount of elastin, the skin gets more flexible and tighter. After the AWT application, that creates a natural configuration on the skin, the skin, the subcutaneous tissue and the muscle layer gets more firm.

Why AWT for local slimming and cellulite treatment?

In local slimming and cellulite treatments many systems are being applied. AWT effects the skin, the subcutaneous tissue, and the muscle layer to get a whole layer activation. It’s a technic that’s effective in a short time, leaves no damages and makes difference. It’s also a comfort that the application can be finished fast therefore there won’t be any ache, pain or bruises.

In which cases is AWT being used?

  • Local slimming.
  • Cellulite treatment.
  • Skin and connective tissue, regional tightening.
  • To remove the derfomity after a Liposuction.
  • To fix recesses and growths

For whom is AWT?

There are no age restrictions for local slimming or tightening in the AWT treatment. Younger people take local slimmings and cellulite treatments while older people want to fix saggy skins.

For which areas is AWT?

-AWT and local slimming is for the stomach, arm, leg, hips, back. The areas where fat piles up the most.

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