Available Hair Smoothing Treatments

Most people who have untamed, curly and naturally frizzy hair are usually troubled about what the best treatment would be for them in order to achieve straight silky hair that is also smooth; no one loves the business of struggling and wrestling with a blow dryer every morning and getting late for their daily activities. There is a number of hair smoothing treatments in San Diego that you can choose from; you don’t have to start the day with the pony because you can actually start letting your hair flow just like everyone else.
Japanese hair straightening: If you are looking for hair texture that will last long enough until your hair grows out; then you are candidates for thermal reconditioning also known as Japanese straightening. This works quite well for people with bulky, loose to medium hair but not kinky curls. During this process of hair smoothing treatments San Diego, the hair gets saturated with a solution that has a chemical that will break the bonds that give each single strand its shape after which it gets rinsed, blow-dried and then flat ironed. Once the hair stylist applies a neutralizer the hair will get locked into that new, straight configuration. The process can be a long one especially if you are doing it for the first time taking up to eight hours but it will generally depend on the length and thickness. Touch ups will normally require some three to four straight hours but you will be left with hair that is ready to wear and stick-straight.
Brazilian Blowout: Brazilian blowout is a best haircuts in San Diego that give you a wash and wear effect; the hair locks are washed using a clarifying shampoo before the solution gets applied and the hair is dried before the solution is sealed with a flat iron. The solution will then be rinsed out before a conditioning mask is applied followed by a blow dry. The Brazilian blowout leaves you with movement and wave but it doesn’t have frizz. This entire treatment will require that you stay in a hair salon for one to one and a half hours depending on the amount of hair that you have. The best thing about it is that it gives you the freedom to enjoy any activity that you may have avoided in the past because you were afraid that should your hair get wet you would spend ages redoing it.       
Keratin Treatment: Keratin treatment San Diego is similar to the Brazilian blowout and it is normally highly recommended by any top hair stylist; the application process will be very similar to what is used in the Brazilian blowout but there are just a few differences. The keratin treatment San Diego leaves your hair sleek but less bouncy and once it has been done, it can last you some four to five months.     

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