Astrological Significance of Pearl

Pearl or moti according to Hindu astrology represents the Moon. Astrologers believe that Moon refers to the peace of human mind. It helps one to think. This gemstone helps to keep the balance and stability of mind. This also helps one to maintain good relations in personal and professional life. One who wears a pearl or moti gets a boost in their self confidence. It also helps in curing a lot of diseases. It can cure diseases like high blood pressure and other bladder and kidney diseases. It can also cure short term memory losses and dementia.

Birth time decides the Moon

As Hindu astrologer believes when a child is born, it is very important to calculate their position of moon according to their birth date and time. In fact, it is very important to know the position of Moon in a person’s life before wearing a pearl gem stone. If Moon has a bad influence in an individual’s life, it is needed to wear a moon stone or a pearl. Wearing a moti stone keeps a child protected from bad health and constant illness.

What to keep in mind while wearing a pearl?

The first thing that one should keep in mind is the originality of the gemstone. Pearl moti price depends completely on the authenticity of the stone and the carat weight of the stone. Before buying one, it is always a good idea to consult an astrologer and then go for it. Buying and wearing a 5 to 10 carat south sea pearl is very beneficial. One has to attach to a silver ring and then wear it in the morning and the best day to wear it is in Monday. It is also said that one should wear a pearl gemstone in the little finger of the right hand.

White pearl stone is said to be astrologically most effective as a gemstone. It has direct effect on human mind and helps them to think and take a decision in a cool and rational mind. It helps one to maintain their cool and keep a balance in their anger and one can control it. It gives relief to one who is suffering from regular restlessness. Those who have a problem in maintaining a balance in a personal and professional life, this gemstone is very beneficial for them. It helps them to maintain both peacefully. But never wear without consulting an astrologer.

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