All You Need To Know About Mousse Foundation

Makeup is self confidence applied directly to the face. And with the rise of online shopping websites, achieving confidence has become extremely easy. One can buy everything from lipsticks and nail paints to foundations and highlighters without going places physically.

Not only that, one also gets amazing discounts and offers on buying makeup online. For example, when you buy eye pencils online, a number of online sites may easily offer attractive combos with eye mascara, eye liner, eye shadow and other eye makeup products.

In terms of variety, online market is undoubtedly ahead of traditional market. Online shopping websites showcase a wide range of cosmetics for all skin types and textures which one may not easily find in physical shops. You would come across different variants of eye liners, lipsticks and even foundation on these shopping websites.

Among the different variants of foundations, mousse has caught attention of a lot of women today. We have to have a base which smoothes our skin tone and hides all the imperfections- and a mousse foundation serves that purpose excellently.

Here’s all that you need to know about mousse foundation.

• A mousse foundation is way too light and goes a long way in making skin luminous and velvety. The best thing about mousse is that it is suitable for all skin types.

• The texture of mousse is such that it gives a matte finish, covering 100% of all the imperfections affecting facial appearance. It makes the skin smooth and silky.

• Mousse is also among the most convenient types of foundation as it spreads easily with the fingers. One does not need to depend upon brushes or sponges to distribute the foundation evenly on the face.

• Applying mousse on the face is simple. Take a small amount of mousse on your index finger and apply it on your skin. The four places you must apply mousse are forehead, nose, cheekbones and chin. Now feather it gently using your fingertips. Add only a thin layer of translucent powder to prevent it from smudging of the face.

• For a balanced tone, one must feather mousse from the centre of the face outwards.

• Mousse can easily be blended with other liquid foundation if you aim for a thicker layer of makeup.

Mousse serves as a superb base makeup and helps you achieve a radiant look for the entire day. So the next time you’re about to buy cosmetic online from Faces or other top makeup brand, do not forget to include mousse in your list.

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