All Facts About Yuko Hair Straightening

Yuko Yamashita, the founder and inspiration of YUKO brand for beauty industry since 1996, brings wide range of beauty products for hair and best known for hair straightening process. The YUKO Hair Straightening system also known as Japanese hair straightening changed the process of hair straightening for giving shiny, hassle-free, low-maintenance straight hair. It is the chemical process for permanently straighting hair.


Steps for YUKO Hair Straightening process

Analysis and Consultation : The hair stylist will analyze the hair state that is hair type, dryness, damage level and the history of chemical treatments applied before.

Shampoo & Pre Treatment: After checking the status of hair, the stylist will prepare hair for further processing with necessary nutrients and will wash your hair with the appropriate hair product.

Processing: After pre-treatments the YUKO hair straightening solution will be applied to the hair for physically changing the internal structure and left for saturating.

Rinse: After some time the solution applied before will be washed off completely.

Ironing: After rinsing, the hair stylish will blow dry and iron the hair for providing permanent straight shape.

Neutralize & Style: After ironing hair, apply neutralizer to balance the pH of the hair and wait for 5 minutes for the effect. Then rinse off the neutralizer.

Blow Dry & Iron: After completing all the above steps, the hair stylist will iron, blow-dry hair for providing the final touch to the look.

Benefits for taking the YUKO Hair Straightening

  • It is good for handling the damage hair.
  • It can make the hair soft, silky, shiny and healthy.
  • It will deeply moisturize the hair and the scalp.
  • It will strengthen, detangles and smoothens the hair.

Some facts about YUKO Hair Straightening

  • The Hair Straightening process will take around 3 to 4 hours.
  • After Hair Straightening treatment you can wash or wet your hair after 2 days.
  • You must have to blow-dry after shampooing to maintain the straightness.
  • YUKO Hair Straightening works on all types of hairs such as unruly, curly, dry, etc.
  • If you want colored hair with your straight one. Then you must have to color your hair before 2 weeks of the hair straightening treatment as applying both chemical¬† simultaneously will result in hair damage.

Where to get the YUKO Hair Straightening product

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