All About Ear Surgery

The major reason people going for a cosmetic surgery for ears if the candidate has protruding ears or any misshape has occurred and you have no other way other than operating it. Also known as Otoplasty, it is commonly seen to be done in children in between age 4 to 14.

Neither is it too late then, nor is it too early to undergo. It can correct the ear conditions like protruding ears, lop ear, abnormally sized ear lobes and shell ear (a condition in which the features of a normal ear may be missing). In maximum cases the result is realistic and the picture is way better than what it was like.

How Is The Cosmetic Ear Surgery Done?

Though there may be several ways in which the ears may be reshaped but the one which involves cutting out the cartilage and reshaping the whole formation altogether is how Otoplasty works. Later the cuts will be stitched on flawlessly though it depends on the expertise of the surgeon involved.

Preparing For The Ear Surgery

In usual cases the surgery takes place from 2-3 hours, but it may take more than 3 hours even in case of complexities. Get clear on the details of the case required by talking to your concerned surgeon. Complication and potential side effects associated with cosmetic ear surgery may be just swelling and some amount of pain or even some marks.  But even after taking in painkiller medications, if the pain, fever and swelling doesn’t subside, you must be consulting the concerned surgeon for a solution.

Here are certain things which are important to understand from beforehand to help you expect and accept a realistic result along with being aware of what is about to come after the surgery is done.

  • Infection

Infection in the cartilage and skin area is the most common problem which you would suffer from the Otoplasty surgical procedure and is the greatest threat which may be solved simply with the antibiotic medication.

  • Overcorrection

The over correction includes the following:

  • Contour distortions
  • Too close placement of the ear
  • Asymmetric correction

The risk of over-correction is not a pleasant thing at all. It may include the cases which were operated by the surgeons with less experience or training, leading to the destruction of the shape and nothing near perfection.

  • Blood Clots –

Though a very infrequent complication, but the formation of blood clot may gradually dissolve naturally or with slight help with the needle.  But if the bleeding is prolonged along with the swelling the professional surgeon must be immediately consulted. The proper healing of the ear is really necessary.

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