A superb homemade Ayurvedic body lotion for glowing skin

Ayurvedic medicines are quite effective. They bring everlasting benefit without any side-effects. Experts say that Ayurveda works on all types of disorders. The only thing is, you should consult an expert doctor who diagnoses the problem well.

Experts say that Ayurvedic preparations for skin rejuvenation work incredibly well. You have a wide variety of ayurvedic beauty lotions. However, it is also possible to try some homemade remedies. Since you make it at home, there is no doubt about the quality and hygiene.

Here is an incredible formula!

Harsh, cold waves damage your skin in the winters. Bombarding of UV rays in scorching summers brings rashes and sunburn. Rainwater flushes away the natural oil ad your skin looks dry and dull. Make a simple yet effective homemade solution which is one of the best ayurvedic beauty lotions that can be prepared right at home.

You should collect the required stuff

You need dried lanolin 100 grams, bees wax 50 grams, Avocado oil (you can use Jojoba oil as well) 100 ml, Wheat germ oil (optional) 20ml.  The ingredients are chosen carefully to keep the balance of Vitamins and Minerals along with the Antioxidants so that your skin remains fresh and glowing. You can use Essential oil if you are fond of fragrance. Lavender, Tea Tree or Rose are the preferred choices.

You need a double boiler for it. Surely, you must be having it. If it is not there, then please buy one. Though there is an option of using kitchen utensils like saucepan and bowl, it is not the right thing to do. You should prepare ayurvedic beauty lotionsin the right manner.


You need decoction or infusion of the herbs first.

The decoction is very simple. Put 100 ml purified water in a stainless steel pan and add finely chopped herbs. Let the water get reduced to one-fourth of the original quantity. Filter it and use the liquid.

Infusion is another method where you should boil water in a stainless steel pan and pour it on finely chopped herbs in another pan. Cover it for half an hour. Strain the mix and use the liquid.

Melt the beeswax and Lanolin in the double boiler. As the things melt and mix well, slowly add oils and stir well using a clean, wooden spoon. Add the herbal decoction or infusion that you have already prepared. Stir well till the temperature of the mix drops significantly. Let it cool properly and then add essential oils and preservatives.

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