A range of lip care balms which helps in maintaining long lasting moisturization of lips

Lip balm is a sticky wax like substance applied on the lips to protect from dryness in winter i.e.; moisturise your lips to keep them soft and silky. Lip balm provides a layer on the lip surface to protect from external exposure. Heat, bad weather, dry air, cold temperature usually affects the lips making them go dry and absorbing the moisture over the lips. The skin over the lips is thin and hence it gets dried pretty soon, hence we use lip balms or petroleum jelly to maintain the moisture and prevent from dryness.

Lip balms can be applied on your finger and then on your lips or directly applied on the lips by using the roll on lip balms like nivea lip care range.

Earlier lip balms were available which were flavourless and scent less. Nivea launched six different flavoured fruity shine lip balms like – Fruity shine Pomegranate, fruity shine strawberry, fruity shine peach, fruity shine watermelon, fruity shine guava and fruity shine cherry. These Nivea lip balms come in plastic tube with colour coded caps. It’s a twist up and apply kind of packaging which is easy to use and carry too. The cap indicates different variants of the nivea lip balms.

Fruits are being loved by everyone and if we get a lip balm of that fragrance or taste nothing like it.

Strawberry: Nivea strawberry lip balm smells like strawberry candy which is of bright red shade. It not helps in moisturising your lips but also make it look red which gives a lipstick like look to your lips.

Peach: For all the coral lovers out there, Nivea peach lip balm is the one for you. It has a very unique colour shade, a shade which is subtle yet classy and smells fruity.

Cherry: An intense, rich, amazing plum shade which smells absolutely like cherry. Nivea cherry lip balm is perfect for regular use be it winter or any other season.

Pink Guava: Pink with a red touch id how we can describe the colour shade of nivea fruity guava lip balm.  For girls out there who love guava.

Watermelon: As watermelon helps beat the heat, Nivea fruity watermelon lip balm has the real fragrance which smells exactly like the fruits.

Pomegranate: It has a deeper dark shade that any other nivea lip balms. The smell is fruity as the name suggests with amazing notes of pomegranate.

These lip balms are the best of the rest available in the market. Nivea serving the world for all the skin care products like nivea moisturiser, face wash, creams etc has succeeded in lip balm category as well.  Nivea fruity lip balms protect your lips from UVB & UVA rays. These lip balms are long lasting, helps in smoothening and softening your lips like never before. You can not only use Nivea lip balms in winter but also in other seasons to protect your lips 24/7. Shop for Nivea fruity lip balms online from best of beauty sites and avail great offers and deals.

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