A Flawless Appearance Made Possible: The Botox

The need to look good is not just the demands of the present time. It is in the human consciousness to look at one’s best. A human body or a region specific part of a human body like that of a face tends to show up a number of degenerative features over the length of time. The features are a result of both internal and external factors. An internal factor may be linked to that of the normal ageing process or that is related to the genes or heredity. An Ageing is a normal process that shows it effects with the passage of time.  Whereas there also can be an involvement of external factors like stress, and conditions related to work or living environment.

To counter such natural scars and skin degeneration process, science as has been providing breakthroughs to many other related fields of medicine having devised ways and means. The cosmetic surgery is the branch of science that has its speciality in the reconstruction of body and facial defects. A number of procedures and sub-procedures is undertaken as a part of the cosmetic surgery consigned to the whole or a particular region of the body. The procedures can be in the form of surgical and non-surgical. An example of a non-surgical procedure undertaken to rectify and improve human facial features is the administration of the Botox.

A number of speciality clinics have come up around the world dealing with cosmetic treatments. The ones that are making a name is widely spread as far as, hospitals and clinics specialising in non-surgical procedures like Botox Cape Town, South Africa.

Botulinum toxin (BTX) is a type of protein also known as a neurotoxic protein that is produced by a bacterial species. The protein is mostly produced for research related fields and for uses in fields like medicinal and cosmetic. The Cosmetic application of the protein involves administration of the protein through injections to stop wrinkle developments on the facial skin. The wrinkles are prevented by paralysing the muscles of the face surrounding the region. The results after the administration take up some days or even may turn into weeks. The administration of the toxin is mainly administered on the deep furrow formations on the forehead and the occurrence of dynamic wrinkles around the eyes that are known as crow’s feet.

The results of the treatment can be summed up as flattening of skin contour features of deep furrows and wrinkles. However the treatment is not a permanent procedure as this mode of medication may need to be repeated every 3 -4 months.

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