7 Tips to Buy the Right Product to Manage Oily Hair

Greasy, oily hair is a huge problem. Oily hair not only spoils the look but also loses its bounce after a day or two of shampooing. In addition, greasy hair is a breeding ground for oily scalp dandruff, dirt and grime. Thankfully, many hair care products are available that deal with oily hair problem. Here are 7 tips to buy the right products to manage oily hair.

  • Finding the right shampoo for oily hair is the first step. It is the scalp that releases excess sebum, making the hair greasy and limp. So ensure to choose the right shampoo that cleanses the scalp of the excess grease without drying out your hair.
  • Look out for clarifying shampoos on departmental store shelves that gently clean your scalp of oil and sebum, leaving your hair healthy and light.
  • Avoid using creamy, moisturising shampoos that have a tendency to leave hair heavy and limp with a layer of cream. These tend to weight hair down and make them appear dull and oily.
  • Opaque shampoos work wonders for oily hair, thereby strengthening the hair while balancing the oiliness. A good dry shampoo can soak up excess oil and add volume to the hair.
  • If you still suffer from oily scalp, choose a dry hair powder that can tackle mid-day oiliness of hair. Just brush your hair upside down and sprinkle some dry powder on the scalp. Brush the hair properly so that the powder is distributed on all over the scalp and absorbs extra oil. Baby powders are the best to choose.
  • Conditioners are good only when applied to the tips of the hair. Never apply conditioner to the scalp or the roots. This will only make the hair more oily and greasy.
  • Invest in a good serum that does not make hair oily. Serum helps reduce fizz and moisturises the hair without adding a greasy layer to the hair.

Apart from investing these products, it is a good idea to stay away from heavy chemically laden styling products. If you have to use, stick to light textured sprays and finishing products, irrespective of the gold you want. Avoid using products like mousse that tend to make hair greasy and aggravate the problem. Avoid waxes, gels, oils and heavy creams. They will only make hair slick and heavy. Remember, oily hair tends to lead to oily scalp dandruff and other greasy scalp infections.

Get these hair care products, keep in mind these easy hair care tips and say hello to non-greasy, bouncy hair!

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