6 Natural Makeup Tips to Look Younger Instantly

  1. Start with a dirt-free slate 

Before putting anything on your face and starting with these natural looking makeup tips, make sure that it is clean and properly exfoliated.  Do this with a mild cleanser and pat when dry to not irritate your skin cells.  You should know that skincare and make-up is a tag team and you should always have the best of both worlds.

    2. Lock in moisture 

After cleansing, it is always important to moisturize.  An important natural looking makeup tip is to keep your face looking fresh and with a bright glow instead of dry and flaky.  Use a moisturizer that fits your skin type, so you should know whether you have dry, oily, or natural skin.  Choose the one with high SPF and you would be more than thankful to have known this make-up tip and trick that will keep your face safe from the sun’s harmful rays while at the same time adding that natural tint. 

3.  Conceal 

Concealers are always a part of the natural looking makeup tips because it can help you hide away the blemishes on your face.  Since skincare and makeup go together, don’t forget to dab lightly only and not to rub as it may cause your face to wrinkle.  Buy yourself a good concealer, preferably the pigmented one and consider which shade fits your complexion the most.  Follow it up with powder if your face gets too oily.

4. Blush and bloom 

A natural looking make-up tip when it comes to blushes is to choose shades of light pink and peach.  A lot of experts say that using a cream blush instead of a powder blush is a better make-up tip and trick because it gives you that natural and a faint look of make-up but still keeps the glow alive.

5. Define your eyes 

This is the part where the natural looking make-up tips become really handy because you have to be very keen with this procedure in order to maintain that natural look.  First is to make sure you have enough light to see how your face fares with the natural look, use daylight sun for the best effect.  For your eyes, use a brown shade that is slightly darker than your complexion. Brush it on your crease and a little under your lower lids.  Use clean brushes to observe skincare when using make-up. 

6. Get kissable lips 

The last but not least natural looking make-up tip is putting a dash of color on your lips.  To benefit from one of the most followed make-up tips and tricks is to choose a lip color that is most similar to your lips’ color.  Apply it gently on your lips using your fingertips. 

Women are blessed enough to always have a natural glow and power smile, that is why these natural looking make-up tips are just an additional for your facial features to be more defined and enhanced.  You can follow these makeup tips and tricks but always make sure that you always prioritize skincare because makeup never looks good on the damaged skin.  Enjoy the natural and younger look!


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